Red Sand Sisters

Handmade Blue 'Tidda' Sister Basket Necklace

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These woven necklaces by Red Sand Sisters are hand weaved using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally given as a gift from gunii (mother) to ngamurr (daughter), miimi (sister) to tidda (sister), baagii (grandmother) to granddaughter, walgan (aunty) to niece, wambanhiiya (cousin) to wambanhiiya, maliyaa (friend) to maliyaa. You would place something special inside the basket and give as a gift.

Each necklace is hand crafted by Kamilaroi Kooma woman Natasha Rossington.

Please note: These necklaces are handmade so the size and colours may vary slightly from the images.

Product: Handmade Woven Tidda (Sister) Basket Necklace
Materials: Hand dyed and Coloured Raffia, Coloured Waxed Thread, Queensland and Victorian Quandong seeds
Sizing: Basket varies between 3.5cm and 5.5cm
Artist: Natasha Rossington
Colour: Blue