Natasha Rossington (Red Sand Sisters)

Kamilaroi/Kooma Aboriginal Woman

Natasha Rossington is the incredible artist behind jewellery brand Red Sand Sisters. Natasha has spent her lifetime learning about and embracing her culture. It was her baagii (grandmother) and wadawurrung walgan (aunty) that taught her to weave. Natasha is a contemporary weaver, who uses a mixture of traditional and contemporary techniques and fibres. These materials and fibres include grasses (Lomandra, Pandanus, Flax), raffia, wool, hemp, cord, paper yarn and waxed thread. She also incorporates other natural materials such as Quandong seeds, gum nuts, petrified wood and feathers to create Red Sand Sisters’ gorgeous pieces.

“Weaving connects me to my culture in different ways, if I am weaving using the grasses, bones, stones, timber, and dyes from the land this allows me to connect to the ancestors who have passed this knowledge down from generation to generation.”