Are you in need of a simple way of promoting your business? Promotional merchandise is an incredibly effective, low cost form of marketing. These useful products allow businesses to connect with consumers on a physical level, leaving a lasting impression. Through our extensive marketing knowledge and printing expertise we can help your business or organisation with all of your promotional needs.


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Screen printing is quite a simple process, essentially ink is applied to through a stencil on a screen to create a print. The screen is a large rectangular frame that is covered with a fine mesh and coated in a light sensitive emulsion. This emulsion remains water soluble until it is exposed to light as such it binds together the image at the end of the printing process.


Direct-To-Garment printing is still a relatively new technology that overcomes many of the traditional boundaries associated with other styles of printing. DGT is excellent for reproducing photos, illustrations and intricate designs that are full of colour.


Transfer printing is most commonly used for sportswear and uniforms as it is ideal for printing logos, numbers and names onto shirts. Transfer printing has the ability to print surfaces that are unable to be printed by other printing methods.


This traditional technique has remained a very relevant decoration technique particularly for the branding of uniforms and workwear. Embroidery is no longer a handmade process and is carried out by our precise machines that can create complex multi- coloured designs. It is a very durable and versatile technique that provides a highly professional look.