About Us

Welcome to Yarn, a unique community marketplace that features a diverse range of products and brands that showcase authentic Indigenous artwork. Yarn as a non-Indigenous owned business exists as platform to help First Nations owned brands to grow and connect with new customers, through the assistance of our logistic infrastructure and marketing expertise. We showcase one of kind designs, designs that speak of country, culture, and the Dreamtime. From luxury womenswear, to homewares to outdoor apparel, we offer it all. Through featuring these beautiful designs and products Yarn is a platform dedicated to supporting First Nations artists, art centres, community organisations and small businesses. You can read more about our brands, social impact, and community partners by clicking the buttons below.

Our Mission

Our mission: Yarn recognises First Nation peoples inherent wisdom, we provide a platform so that all Australians can develop an appreciation of Indigenous art and learn from this knowledge and wisdom.

Our vision: For all Australians to develop an understanding and appreciation of Indigenous art and culture.

Our diverse audience and platform gives us the ability to reach all Australians and promote cultural awareness and appreciation. Together in the last 3 years we have directed 1.8 million to Indigenous employment and training, artist and model sponsorship and direct community funding.

Really when it comes down to it our mission is simple, support Indigenous artists, community and culture. Here’s how we do it!

We showcase Indigenous artists

Warlukurlangu Artist Alicka Brown (Proud Napanangka woman)

We work closely with many Indigenous artists and community art centres who create the incredible artworks that are displayed through our unique products. Our key art centre partnership is with Warlukurlangu Artists, a centre located in the Central Desert community of Yuendumu. You can find their incredible artworks used throughout our Anuera collections. Click here to find out more about the talented Warlukurlangu Artists. Yarn provides a platform for up and coming artists to promote their personal artistic practice nationally. We are committed to ensuring that all collaborations with artists are conducted in a way that empowers their unique stories and voice. We encourage artists to create artworks that depict stories that they want to share. These stories are closely linked with each artwork, as such we always display the artwork in conjunction with the artist and the associated story. Art can be an incredibly powerful educational tool, through collaborating with artists and sharing their art we hope to help cultivate appreciation and understanding of First Nation peoples and culture.

We support Indigenous non-for-profits and community organisations

The reach of Yarns diverse audience gives us the amazing opportunity to address cultural awareness. Through our marketplace we have the ability to gather a wide variety of partners from around Australia and make a large impact on Indigenous communities and artists. We are proud to be partnered with and support Indigenous art centres, non-for-profits, schools, sporting teams and other community organisations. We support these groups through project funding, sponsorship of events, custom merchandise, marketing and promotion. We have chosen each of them because of their significant contributions to Indigenous communities wellbeing. Find out more about our community partners here.

We support Indigenous employment

Yarn supports Indigenous employment and training across all areas of our business, from product to dispatch. We employ many Indigenous workers who work within a range of different areas including development, production, dispatch and modelling. Through Yarn this is an area of community support that we will be continuing to grow. Keep an eye for new employment and training opportunities!

We are here for you, our wonderful customers!

Here at Yarn we are proud to have such a diverse array of customers. People from all walks of life and cultures all of which have one thing in common a love for and appreciation of Indigenous art and culture. We are here to provide you with a platform that is truly community minded, one that promotes self-expression and also learning. We pride ourselves in providing products that connect with Indigenous stories, culture and country.