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Gift Wrapping Paper

Adorn your presents to your favourite people with our colourful gift wrapping paper designs. Whoever the receiver, we are sure they won’t be disappointed. All our wrapping papers come in packs of five and each paper is generously sized, so these are perfect to have in hand for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions for you and your loved ones. Our customers’ favourite art designs are printed on high-quality kraft paper, which are beautiful patterns created by talented Indigenous artists. Each of them tells powerful stories about native flowers and plants that are of cultural significance to First Nations Communities. Our designs come in patterns that feature a wide variety of colours, so you can find something appropriate for any age group or occasion.

Our premium-quality range of gift wrapping paper is offered to us by Lore Clothing Co., a brand passionate about educating the larger community about the beauty of First Nations peoples and their culture. Each of their designs, like on their gift wrapping papers, feature authentic artwork done by Indigenous artists, that tell intricate, beautiful stories about the landscapes of Australia. Their extensive range of products feature items suitable for everyone in the family and they pioneer in the production of high-quality goods.