Our Community Partners

The reach of Yarns diverse audience gives us the amazing opportunity to address cultural awareness. Yarn has a wide variety of partners from around Australia, it is through these partnerships that we are able to make a large impact on Indigenous communities and artists. We are proud to be partnered with and support Indigenous art centres, non-for-profits and other community organisations. We support these groups through project funding, sponsorship of events and providing custom merchandise, marketing and promotion services 

We have chosen each of these groups because of their significant contributions to Indigenous communities and their wellbeing. Yarn’s mission is to cultivate appreciation of Indigenous art and culture while supporting Indigenous communities. Each charity we choose to partner with helps further this important mission. Here’s an overview of the incredible work that each of these organisations carries out. 


Gunawirras Mother Group

Gunawirra makes valuable contributions to the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers, families and young children through focussing upon the importance of early childhood development. Many of the programs they run incorporate art therapy and other creative, cultural and healing informed practices. They help families break through the cycle of transgenerational trauma and vulnerability, which then enables a safe, positive and healthy life.

We support Gunawirra’s Mothers Group which works with young Aboriginal mothers and children to help them through trauma with the use of art therapy. Yarn currently provides the mothers group with art supplies and other necessary resources. Here at Yarn we admire the important work Gunawirra does. Our values align closely with Gunawirra through our love and respect for art and belief in its power to heal and bring people together. Gunawirra helps share appreciation of Indigenous art and culture, something we are incredibly passionate at Yarn.

Find out more about Gunawirra here.

Nutrition Plus

Nutrition Plus are non-for-profit dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Children. They not only work to improve physical health, but also the cultural wellbeing of children living in remote communities. Access to fresh fruit and vegetables is the key issue that Indigenous communities face, especially in remote communities. Some of the issues related to this include physical access due to remote locations, lack of education about the importance of eating healthy, and the costs of supply. These are hurdles that Nutrition Plus works to help communities and schools overcome.

One of Nutrition Plus’s upcoming programs are their school cultural camps for years 4-6 where they integrate hands-on education about nutrition. Yarn is currently in the process of designing and producing some awesome shirts for the camps. A key part of our mission here at Yarn is to support the wellbeing of Indigenous communities, it is for this reason that we proudly support Nutrition Plus. They make incredible contributions to the wellbeing of Indigenous through helping children make healthy decisions from a young age.

Find out more about Nutrition Plus here.

Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation 

Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is an organisation that makes significant contributions to Indigenous children’s lives through working with families, communities and schools to improve literacy and numeracy skills.

“It is clear that some of the most marginalised children in our nation continue to be left behind when it comes to literacy and education. That is why Yarn and ALNF have partnered to help break the cycle of illiteracy and disadvantage for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and communities. Founded in 1999, ALNF exists to raise language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia, with a specific focus on Indigenous, refugee and disadvantaged communities. We believe that literacy is freedom - literacy allows individuals to access education, participate meaningfully in our society and to have a voice. It is a basic human right.” - ALNF

Yarn strongly believes in equal opportunity for all; it is for this reason that we support ALNF. They provide marginalized communities with the resources and opportunities that kids need to thrive. We are incredibly proud to assist them in significant work.

Find out more about ALNF here.

Surat Aboriginal Corporation 

Surat Aboriginal Corporation (SAC) is based in the community of Surat, QLD and take responsibility of Indigenous cultural development in the Maranao region. They are committed to the preservation, promotion and development of Indigenous culture and also support sustainability of Indigenous communities and physical and mental health of Indigenous people across South West Queensland. They run a number of programs including their Indigenous Cultural Support program which advocates the healing process for Indigenous people through maintaining, protecting and promoting Indigenous culture. Their Safety and Wellbeing program aims to improve the health, social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous people through mental health support, drug and alcohol awareness and community safety support. Lastly their Children and Schooling program supports children and their families through playgroups, a mum and bubs reading group, providing healthy lunches and an after school homework club.

As a start Yarn will be supporting Surat Aboriginal Corporation with our marketing resources and we will also be creating some gorgeous custom shirts and merchandise for their upcoming Bamba Gii Festival. SAC are instrumental in maintaining the health and wellbeing of the Surat community. It is for this reason that we proudly support them and their amazing programs.

Find out more about Surat Aboriginal Corporation here.

Become a Partner

We are always looking to collaborate with and support further community programs and initiatives. If your non-for-profit, school, sports team or community group has an upcoming event or project or program in need of support, send us an email at communitypartner@yarn.com.au and our friendly team will be in touch!