Patricia Karvelas Spotted Wearing Yarn Again!


Patricia Karvelas wearing Yarn Heal Our Nura NAIDOC 2021 Blouse. Courtesy of @PatsKarvelas Twitter, 2021. 

Over the past few weeks in the lead up to NAIDOC Week 2021, radio presenter, current affairs journalist and political correspondent Patricia Karvelas has been spotted a few times donning Yarn's fashion tops and blouses. This has gained lots of attention on her twitter and instagram, in which we are extremely stoked about! For Karvelas' 4pm Afternoon Briefing on the ABC News yesterday, she was spotted wearing Yarn's Heal Our Nura NAIDOC 2021 Blouse with matching eyeshadow! This stunning artwork was designed by Mandy Draper, proud Aborginal Darug woman of the Cabrogal Clan. The artwork depicts Mandy's interpretation of everyone coming together to stand up and support one another to heal and protect our land; our Country.

Patricia Karvelas and HMUA Harriet O'Donnell sporting Yarn fashion leggings. Courtesy of Patricia Karvelas Instagram, 2021. 

Karvelas is clearly a fan of our Salt Meets Earth Fashion Leggings, as she has been seen wearing them a lot lately on her Instagram, so much so that in the image below she captioned them 'MY LUCKY TIGHTS!' The story of Salt Meets Earth, designed by First Nations artist Sheldon Lee, describes the meeting and relationship of two tribes (coastal and outback) celebrating their differences as well as their unity as one people. 

In the above image, Karvelas was 'twinning' in Yarn fashion leggings with her friend and Hair & Makeup Artist Harriet O'Donnell, who was wearing Our Beautiful Country Fashion Leggings. This artwork was produced by Alicia Close, proud woman from the Aboriginal Goenpul Clan, Minjerribah. The oval shapes grouped together represent the different mobs along the coastlines of Australia and their telling of stories describing the changes of the landscape as the sea levels rose over thousands of years and the arrival of people from many nations. The lines connecting each mob together represents the unification of all mobs as " people. One mob."
Patricia Karvelas sporting Yarn Salt Meets Earth Fashion Leggings with the caption 'MY LUCKY TIGHTS!' Courtesy of Patricia Karvelas Instagram, 2021. 


Once again, we'd like to say a huge thank you to Karvelas for sharing these beautiful designs and highlighting First Nations fashion and the talents of Indigenous artists and designers with her viewers!