Introducing Yarn’s New Partner Brand, Saltwater Dreaming Artwork

Saltwater Dreaming Artwork original. Courtesy of Saltwater Dreaming Artwork, 2021.

Saltwater Dreaming Artwork is a beautiful small business that displays the incredible artwork of Kara Karanfilovski, a proud Saltwater woman from La Perouse, Sydney. Kara’s mob - the Dharawal peoples - have a strong connection to the Saltwater Country of Botany Bay and surrounding areas. Kara’s contemporary artworks reflect her connection to this Saltwater Country. She loves to work with warm, vibrant colours to capture the beauty of her culture. Saltwater Dreaming Artwork offers a range of gorgeous products, from homewares like resin wine coasters and holders, to original artworks. 

Today we hear from owner and founder Kara Karanfilovski about Saltwater Dreaming Artwork’s beginnings and ongoing mission:

Why did you begin Saltwater Dreaming Artwork?

“I began Saltwater Dreaming Artwork due to the love I have for painting. My two boys are six and four, and are at school full time. Now, I have the time to do what I love. Having my boys watch me paint and asking me questions about what I am painting, while having them sit and want to do their own artwork, is amazing.”

What is Saltwater Dreaming Artworks mission?

“Saltwater Dreaming Artwork’s mission is to show the world how beautiful our culture is, and to tell my stories in contemporary artwork with warm, earthy colours and beautiful, bright colours.”

What is your first memory of painting?

“My first memory of painting was when I was in high school. I did visual arts as one of my main subjects for my year 12 certificate.”

What inspires you to paint?

“Everything. I absolutely love painting.”

Who is one of your favourite artists?

“There is not one person I could name...there are so many Aboriginal artists that I would say are my favourite.”

Are you excited to be a part of the Yarn platform?

“Yes, I am pretty excited to have Yarn supply my artwork to people all over. Exciting times ahead!”

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Saltwater Dreaming Artwork?

“I am a saltwater woman from the Dharawal tribe of La Perouse in Sydney, New South Wales - where all my family still live today. I have been based in Queensland for the last two years. My family ties extend from La Perouse to Shoalhaven. I am a descendant of Kathleen neé Simms and Thomas Saunders.”