Helena Gabori

Aboriginal Kayardild Woman

“I was born on Mornington Island and have lived my whole life here. I have only ever been to Bentinck Island once when my dad was still alive but I don't have any real connection with my Country. I have 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl and all but the youngest one Billy are over 18 and living their own lives.

I really only started painting because I had to complete a certain number of hours for Jobfind not because of how good my mum became as an artist or for money. I'm glad I started painting as it gives me something to do and I really enjoy coming to the Art Centre with the other artists and having jokes and fun while we paint. I'm closer to my Dad's side of the family than Mum's so I paint my father's father and mother's country a lot.”- Helena Gabori