New Collection: Saltwater Mayi


New Collection: Saltwater Mayi


april 5, 2023

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Yarn x Marlie Albert

Introducing our new collection Saltwater Mayi

Our latest offering of T-shirts, mugs, and towels is locally printed right here in Meanjin (Brisbane). Adorned with colourful, detailed artwork from the talented Marlie Albert, Saltwater Mayi features sea animals that are significant to Saltwater people around Australia.


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Behind the Designs

The three designs in Saltwater Mayi were created digitally by Marlie Albert. 

Mayi means 'food' in the Baard language. Each design features an animal that is significant to Marlie and her community, and she celebrates the role it plays to their culture. The animal is surrounded by the sea and elements of the ecosystem, such as shells, starfish and plants. And each design is available in Regular or Night print.

Goorlil (Turtle)

Goorlil is the turtle that we hunt for its meat. Usually hunted for special occasions, celebrations or sorry business.

Banang (Mudcrab)

Banang is the mud crab that we walk through creeks and thick mangroves for.

Odorr (Dugong)

Odorr is the dugong that we hunt for its meat also for special occasions, like the Goorlil. Its oil is also collected for the use on hair and skin.


Super absorbent with vibrant designs. Perfect for beach and poolside use. 

Goorlil (Turtle) Beach Towel

About the Artist

Marlie Albert is a proud Baard Baniol woman who was born and raised in Broome. 

She and her family have a deep connection to Saltwater Country and the life that is supported within it. When Marlie chose to name the collection Saltwater Mayi she explained that "Goorlil, Odorr and Banang are just some of the seafoods the people of the Dampier Peninsular eat. We follow seasonal changes as a sustainable guide to hunt, gather and fish seafoods." 

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100% cotton and perfect all year round. And, as always, each purchase pays royalties to the artist.

Banang (Mudcrab) Black Cotton Crew Neck Unisex T-Shirt

About the Collection

Saltwater people live in coastal areas and have a deep spiritual connection to the seascape. From Dreamtime stories to food sources and cultural practices, the sea sustains the Community and Culture. Saltwater people protect and care for the ocean with a deep understanding of how to sustainably and respectfully live on Country.

'Mayi' means food in Baard language. Many sea animals are considered sacred and are hunted as part of ceremony and for food sources. This hunting is regulated and legal for Traditional Owners. It does not have a negative effect on the animals’ population. In fact, the Indigenous groups who participate typically play a large role in conserving and protecting the animals due to their respect and spiritual connection with them.

Ceramic Mugs

Available in night and day print designs, explore Marlie's collection and support her work.

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