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Reconciled Nation: New line for Reconciliation Week

MARCH 22, 2024

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In the lead up to National Reconciliation Week, we at Yarn Marketplace are proud to launch a new design from Kirrae and Peek Whurrong artist Merindah-Gunya (Bayley Mifsud), and introduce you to Children’s Ground, who we are proudly supporting through the sales of Bayley’s work.

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About the Design


Bayley’s artistic concept of ‘Reconciled Nation’ is a powerful, positive and daring message to believe in and work towards a future where reconciliation is not only possible but a reality.

“My inspiration behind creating the ‘Dream Big’ quote was actually because I was out for a walk and I saw a “vote no” poster,” Bayley told Yarn Marketplace.

“I thought I wanted to create something that was a little bit more positive and a little bit more open minded, but also something that visually was appealing to look at, which is why I have done a really contemporary piece. It isn't Aboriginal art, but it was just something that I was feeling really motivated to create.

“I painted this piece because I wanted something that I could look at everyday, that was not only positive but inspirational.”

To Bayley, reconciliation is mostly about closing the statistics that exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

“The statistics around health, particularly employment, education, the massive gaps that we see within our communities, the broader community, being Indigenous and non-Indigenous that still exists today are really, really sad,” she said.

“[These statistics are] very disheartening. And for me, reconciliation would be achieved when we get to a point that they don't exist, which I think would particularly happen with a treaty.

“I believe that individuals all have a role to play within reconciliation… Whether that be to further educate themselves, to stand up for what is right, to stand up to racism, to further engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, creators. Everybody in every kind of way has a role to play. And it is up to the 97% of our population to achieve genuine reconciliation.”

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Fundraising for Children's Ground

For the launch of Bayley’s line we are proudly raising funds for Children's Ground, a First Nations-led and owned organisation who works in community to create lasting change for future generations.

Children’s Ground uses a self-determined approach to learning, health and employment that centres First Nations knowledge and is designed, delivered and evaluated by the community.

The organisation boasts two main on-Country learning locations in Garramilla (Darwin) and Mparntwe (Alice Springs), as well as supporting several smaller, more remote surrounding communities.

Arrernte man William Tilmouth, who is the Chairman of Children’s Ground and winner of NAIDOC 2023 Male Elder of the Year award, has long spoken out about the injustices faced by not only his community of Mparntwe (Alice Springs), but communities across the country.

"Let us start a new chapter in the future of Australia, where we walk as equals. Where reconciliation is not just a word and a day in the calendar, but where we reconcile the trauma and atrocities of the past and celebrate our shared future and knowledge,” William said.

“Our vision is not only for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people but for all Australians. 

“Children’s Ground will deliver the very best to those who need it the most, and will secure the fundamental rights of the child, the family and the community, wherever intergenerational inequity pervades.”

Until the end of NAIDOC Week, $2 from every item sold in Reconciled Nation will go directly to supporting Children’s Ground. 

You can read more about Children’s Ground and the crucial work they do on their website . We encourage you to support them through donations and purchasing their merchandise.

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