NAIDOC on Country: Mount Isa


NAIDOC 2024 on Country: Mount Isa


April 9, 2024

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This year we put out a photographer search to shoot our NAIDOC 2024 collection on Country. We had responses from all around this beautiful country and are proud to share our first collection featuring models Khloe, Ludana and Antonia and photographed by Andrea Mitchell on Kalkadoon Country in Mount Isa. The photographer and models work together as midwives and Aboriginal health workers. 

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About the location

A small mining town in north-west Queensland, Mount Isa is Spinifex Country on Kalkadoon/Kalkatungu land. 

Known as elite warriors and master stone crafters, the Kalkadoon people were key players in a central trading route of west Queendland. Through local efforts, the language has recently started to be taught in the local Spinifex State College. With wide open horizons, rich red dirt and gently rustling spinifex, this desert landscape has layers of beauty as far as the eye can see.

Andrea Mitchell: Outback Photographer

"I have lived in Mt Isa nearly all my life, it's such a close little community, I like seeing the people I attended school with. My favourite time of the year is just after the wet season around April when it's cooler and the spinifex is green and the smell of the turpentine and gidgee is strong.

I work with the models Antonia, Ludana and Khloe in Maternity. We had so much fun organising and doing the photography session we all enjoyed being out bush having a laugh

I have a deep appreciation of Photography. It allows me to capture and preserve moments in time as well as giving me the chance to express my creative side."

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Proud Mitakoodi 

Aboriginal Health Worker 


"What I love about my hometown is the people, and all the different colours of the landscape.

This year’s NAIDOC theme highlights that no matter what is thrown at us, we still stand strong and proud. Just like we have done in the past, present and future."

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Kalkadoon and Gungarri 

Assistant midwife 


"I love that Mount Isa is a small town.

This year's NAIDOC theme is about sharing and teaching the knowledge to younger generations."


Waluwarra & East Arrentye 

Training to be a midwife 


"Where I come from ‘Keep the Fire Burning’ means passing on grassroot knowledge and skills to my kids and teaching them the basics out bush. Sharing knowledge of the land, hunting tucker and how to cook tucker on the open flames of the gidgee coals whilst reminiscing about how our ancestors once roamed the Georgina river and done similar things back in the old days.

 Grassroot teaching around the fire has a calming effect for soaking up knowledge and respect for the land where our Waluwarra ancestors once roamed."

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