Brand Update: Lowanna Natural Skincare

Today we continue with our series featuring our wonderful partner brands. We will be hearing from Indigenous-owned natural skin care brand Lowanna. Owner, founder and proud Narungga woman Sinead embraces her people's knowledge of land and sea to create natural skincare products utilizing native botanicals. Lowanna’s products are all made with the planet in mind as they are Australian-made, cruelty-free, vegan and recyclable! So, let’s get to it and look at what’s been happening at Lowanna:

Blemish Spot Treatment launch – Vimeo. Courtesy of Lowanna Natural Skincare, 2021.

 Where Lowanna’s products come from:

Sinead grew up and lives on Kaurna Land; the land in which Lowanna all began. As a Narungga woman, Sinead acknowledges that Lowanna operates on the traditional lands of the Kaurna peoples from the Adelaide Plains and surrounding areas. Kaurna Land is a sacred place to live and provides such incredible natural resources (Lowanna, 2021).
“We would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community.” - Sinead

 Map of Kaurna Land. Courtesy of Lowanna Natural Skincare Facebook, 2021.

“Over the past couple of months we have started sharing information about where our ingredients come from. This information has been shared via regular Instagram posts. Lowanna has always been passionate about being transparent when it comes to our ingredients, and this is another way to promote that and help our customers feel confident in what they’re putting on their skin.”  - Sinead
For example, the key ingredient in Lowanna’s Toning Mist is the Quandong bush fruit. This ‘wild peach’ is a member of the sandalwood family and grows throughout arid and semi-arid regions of Australia. From Ngiyampaa Land and Wilyakali Land (far west NSW), through parts of Kaurna Land (Adelaide Plains and surrounds), to Kuwinywardu Land (coastline of WA) and the surrounding areas (Lowanna, 2021).

The Traditional Lands where the Quandong comes from on a map of Australia. Courtesy of Lowanna Natural Skincare Instagram, 2021.

The Quandong is a staple bush food that has been used by First Nations peoples for generations. The kernel inside can be crushed into a paste and used to soothe sores, skin irritations and tooth aches due to its antibacterial qualities. Below, you will see how the use of this native ingredient is beneficial in skincare (Lowanna, 2021).

Benefits the Quandong has when used as an ingredient in skincare. Courtesy of Lowanna Natural Skincare Facebook, 2021. 

Blemish Spot Treatment – New Product Launch:

Blemish Spot Treatment launch - Vimeo. Courtesy of Lowanna Natural Skincare, 2021.

“We launched this earlier this month and sold out within two weeks. It’s the first new product we’ve launched in about six months, so it was really exciting and we spent a lot of time making sure the ingredients were perfect.” - Sinead. 

Blemish Spot Treatment. Courtesy of Lowanna Natural Skincare, 2021.

Suffering from hormonal acne or periodic breakouts? Then, this product is perfect for you! “Enriched with native Australian lemon myrtle, this ultra-powerful antibacterial gel will kill surface bacteria to stop breakouts in their tracks” (Lowanna, 2021). Infused with white willow bark, lemon myrtle and licorice extract, this gentle, non-irritating gel will reduce the redness and swelling of active breakouts, and fade dark spots and acne-scars for an overall clear and healthy complexion (Lowanna, 2021).


NAIDOC Week Celebrations:

“I wanted to use Lowanna as a platform to get my customers involved in NAIDOC celebrations and, as a community, give back to mob.” - Sinead

For the whole of NAIDOC Week, with every purchase Lowanna included ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ sticker packs in customers’ packages from Clothing The Gaps

To continue the NAIDOC celebrations, Lowanna donated $2 from every sale that week to the Healing Foundation:

“With the theme of NAIDOC this year being ‘Heal Country,’ The Healing Foundation seemed a fitting charity to support; they do some really important work in helping stolen generation survivors work through trauma.” - Sinead

The Story of the Healing Foundation. Courtesy of The Healing Foundation Youtube, 2013.