Introducing Yarn Partner Brand, Dilkara

We are very excited to introduce you to our new partner brand, Dilkara. Dilkara is an Indigenous owned brand that specialises in hair and skin care products and that are made from native Australian botanicals. They offer an incredible range of natural and nourishing products for healthy hair, healthy skin and healthy bodies. Each of their products connects with First Nations culture through the names and sustainably harvested Indigenous botanicals that form an important part of each formula.

Dilkara was founded by Julie Okely. The brand was born from her understanding of her heritage and culture, she built Dilkara to be a foundational leader of reconciliation. Julie has been a salon owner and hair stylist for many years, Dilkara has given her the opportunity to reach more people and share her beautiful vision of Indigenous Australia. The development of Dilkara’s unique products began in Indigenous communities, researching and observing how native botanicals were being used. Today Dilkara continues to work with authentic Australian and Indigenous suppliers to maintain the integrity of their supply chain and support Indigenous communities.

I love the care and ancient cultural practices that have been taken to grow and harvest these native elements. - Julie Okely

Dilkara's Desert Lime Oil. Shop here. 

Dilkara has a strong focus on creating products that are environmentally friendly, ethical and free of nasty chemicals. Pure and paleo beginnings is an integral part of their ethos. All Dilkara products are sodium, sulphate, paraben, petrochemical and palm oil free. They also include many certified organic ingredients, are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Excitingly Dilkara also manufactures all of their products here in Australia. Lastly their packaging is all 100% recyclable making their natural products very environmentally friendly.

Dilkara is an incredibly inclusive brand that brings together traditional knowledge and natural ingredients to create beautiful products. We are so excited to have Dilkara on board as Yarns first hair and skin care brand.

Shop Dilkara’s gorgeous range of products here.