Valentine's Gift Ideas

The day of love is coming up very soon! Often Valentine's day can feel somewhat over the top but it all comes down to it; it is simply a day to celebrate and cherish the people we love. This can be through our actions, words and thoughtful presents. Yarn offers a gorgeous range of gift ideas for men and women. Here, we’ve collated some of our favourite picks. Treat your loved ones with something special this Valentine's Day.

First up here’s our favourite present ideas for women:

Women's Gift Set: For Valentine's Day we have put together a special Aneura bundle. Simply pick a pair of gorgeous Aneura earrings and a luxurious square silk scarf. It is the perfect accessory combination. The gorgeous designs of both the earrings and scarves are by Indigenous artist Holly Sanders. Shop here.

Ngurun Sky Silk Shawl and Earrings. Shop here.

Silk Shawl - You can’t find many things more luxurious than our Aneura silk shawls. They are incredibly versatile and can be worn in a number of different ways: draped elegantly over the shoulders, as a sarong or a scarf. Treat your loved one with a little piece of luxury. Shop here. 

Leggings - Activewear has become somewhat of a fashion phenomenon. Having a fashionable pair of leggings is essential! Aneura offers a gorgeous range of leggings and other activewear pieces. They feature gorgeous floral patterns in beautiful bold colours. Shop here.

 Tea Tree Blossom Leggings and Sports Bra. Shop here.

Jewellery Box - Better World Arts boxes make gorgeous gifts. The boxes are handcrafted in the Kashmir Valley, they are made from paper mache and hand painted with unique Australian Indigenous designs. They come in a range of sizes and make gorgeous jewellery boxes. Shop here.

Large Box, artwork by Paddy Japaljarri Stewart. Shop here.

Dilkara Pink Clay Mask - Sometimes pampering gifts are the best kind. Dilkara’s pink clay masks provide the perfect way to relax and unwind. The mask is infused with the healing herbs chamomile, aloe vera and Calendula. These herbs are soothing, calming and promote a feeling of relaxation and peace. Shop here.

Gifts ideas for men 

Often gifts for men are often overlooked for Valentines day but they are just as important, everyone loves gifts!

Long Sleeved Polo - Who doesn’t love a quality polo shirt? They truly are a wardrobe staple and make perfect gifts for men of all ages. Traka Outdoors Long Sleeved Polos are the perfect shirt for outdoor adventures. They provide the ultimate sun protection and are composed of 100% Post-consumer Recycled Polyester (rPET), meaning purchasing one of these polos will help keep plastic out of landfill! Shop here. 

Coral Trout Dreams Adults Long Sleeve Polo. Shop here.

Board Shorts - Summer is still here so why not buy him a colourful pair of boardshorts. Traka Outdoor offers some excellent shorts featuring vibrant designs by Indigenous artist Luke Mallie. They are the perfect fun gift for guys of any age. Shop here.

Graphic Tee - You can’t go wrong with a bold graphic tee. Custodian Streetwear's latest tees designed by Indigenous artist Nathaniel Chapman celebrate country and culture. The bold designs speak of freedom, equity and respect for First Nations culture. These are unique styles that you can wear with pride. Shop here.

Never Take a Step Back Black Tee. Shop here.

Bamboo Button Up Shirt - Kingston Grange’s button up shirts make great gifts for men of all ages. They are the perfect smart, casual shirts and come in long sleeved and short sleeved designs. They are composed of bamboo making them luxuriously soft and comfy. The gorgeous designs are created in collaboration with Warlukurlangu Artists. Shop here.

We hope this helps you with the tricky quest to find a meaningful Valentine's Day gift. If you are in need of some further gift inspiration check out our special gift section here. Also an important note, make sure you order your Valentine's Day gifts before Wednesday 10th so that they arrive in time!