Introducing Yarn Partner Brand, Bush Medijina

Bush Medijina is a First Nations owned skincare brand that merges traditional Indigenous native botanical knowledge with modern skincare. Bush Medijina was created as a way for the local community to come together and work in a way that brings together knowledge and culture. Native plants have been used by Indigenous people to create Bush Medicine for generations. Bush Medijina uses many of these beautiful native botanicals to create a range of skincare products that are nourishing and soothing.

Bush Medijina is a small business run from a few shipping containers in Angurugu, a community on the remote island Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory. They began as a way of supporting the local community through providing jobs and creating products that draw on the cultural knowledge of the elders within the community. Combining traditional bush medicine recipes with modern ingredients and techniques. All of the native botanicals used in the products are harvested from the local area and all of the products are handmade and packaged onsite.

“Our traditional knowledge comes from our connection to our land, native botanicals, our ancestors, and our stories. We have been using our bush knowledge and medicines to heal ourselves for generations. We want to lift our Indigenous people and others up so that we can be stronger and healthier together.” - Bush Medijina

Bush Medijina have a strong focus on giving back to their community, they use traditional knowledge to power social enterprise. Through the business, Bush Medijina supports Warningakalina women to be strong in culture, wellbeing, education, and respect. They work closely with their local community development program to support training and transition into the workplace. This is so that women will be ready to work as Bush Medjina continues to grow and have more jobs available. They also run workshops where young girls can come and learn about bush medicine and how to run a business.

“We are learning, mentoring, and leading the way, showing our young girls who are the future employees and leaders of our communities how to Rise Up.” - Bush Medijina

First Nations culture traditionally uses bush medicine as part of a holistic approach to healing and wellness. Their traditional knowledge comes from connection to land, native botanicals, ancestors and stories. All of this has inspired the Bush Medijina range. Some of the key native botanicals that Bush Medijina use in their range include: Dumburumba leaves which have been traditionally used to soothe the skin, Mamarra leaves which elders would steep in water to soothe the body and Dingadilyenjirrka (White Cloud Tree) which was traditionally used by Warningakalina women to help their hair grow long, strong and healthy. These unique native botanicals along with many others are used to create their beautiful range of products which includes balms, lip balms, soaps, body scrubs, body butter and hair oils.

Bush Medijina is a business run by strong Indigenous women. They are an incredible asset to the remote community of Angurugu through providing jobs and providing a way of utilizing and continuing traditional culture and knowledge. We are so excited to have them onboard here at Yarn.

Check out their beautiful collection of products here.