Gifts for Mum

As most of you know by now, Mothers Day is just around the corner! Let mum know how much you care; for Mothers Day is the day to acknowledge the women that give us their all; that love us unconditionally and prepare us for the world. The strong women that teach us about life, who love nothing more than to see us grow and succeed. In particular, we honour all of the Indigenous mothers and the strength and pride in culture they pass onto their children.

A special way of showing appreciation for mums can be through gift giving. We have collated our favourite gift ideas from Yarn’s range of gorgeous products. All of these products are a part of our special mothers day collection which is up to 30% off! With every purchase you’ll receive a free “Love Always” Tote!

Short Sleeve Blouses - First up is our range of short sleeved blouses by Aneura, featuring gorgeous artworks by Warlukurlangu Artists. The incredible artworks tell Dreaming Stories of the country surrounding Yuendumu, Central Australia. The elegant lightweight blouses make beautiful gifts. These blouses are perfect as work shirts or can be dressed up for a night out. Shop here.

Ngalyipi Vine Womens Short Sleeve Blouse.

Earrings - If your mum loves vibrant jewellery, you can’t go past Aneura’s wide range of earrings. The beautiful designs by Warlukurlangu Artists and Holly Sanders are printed onto lightweight metal in a range of distinctive shapes. They are the perfect way of spicing up any outfit. Shop here.

Ngurun Sky Silk Shawl and Earrings.

Scarves - Lore Clothing Co and Aneaura offer an incredible range of scarves in both light-weight chiffon and luxury silk. Scarves are one of our favourite go to gift ideas for women. They are simple gifts that can be worn in a range of different styles and are perfect for all seasons. Our scarves can be worn as a hair wrap, belt or neck tie, the possibilities are endless! Shop here.

Shawls - From trips to the beach to elegant night time outfits, our shawls are another excellent versatile gift idea for mum. Lore Clothing Co.’s chiffon shawls and Anuera’s 100% silk shawls both drape beautifully, putting the vibrant Indigenous artworks on full display. Shop here.

Ngulliboo (All Of Us) Silk Shawl.

When you’re not sure exactly what to get mum, a gift bundle is the perfect solution. Our range of gift bundles have been carefully curated so that mums have the chance to experience a number of Yarn’s beautiful products.

Earrings and silk scarf gift set - This is the perfect accessory gift set. It includes a Square Silk Scarf and matching pair of earrings by Aneura. These sophisticated sets feature gorgeous artworks by contemporary Indigenous artists Holly Sanders. Shop here.

Buregah Jagun Ocean Gift Set.

Sip and Chill Gift Bundle - Something all mums are most definitely in need of is some “me time.” This gift pack includes everything mum needs for a relaxing morning. A Pink Clay Mask by Dilkara, beautiful bone chine mug by Better World Arts and soothing moisturiser by Juddarnje to apply after she's finished with the mask. Shop here.

Sip and Chill Gift Bundle.

Pamper Yourself Gift Bundle - This is another bundle perfect for pampering! The trio of natural skincare products by Bush Medijina comes beautifully presented in a reusable printed calico bag, making it a lovely gift for the ethical and eco-conscious mother. The gift bundle also includes a set of scrunchies featuring gorgeous native florals by artist Holly Sanders. Shop here.

Pamper Yourself Gift Bundle.

Let’s go to the Beach! Gift Bundle - Does your mum love trips to the beach? Then, this gift bundle is made just for her! This bundle comes in three different beautiful colour variations. It includes a shawl, a tote bag and gorgeous beach towel. Shop here.

Lets Go To The Beach Gift Bundle.

For the Love of Homewares Gift Bundle - This gift bundle is perfect for mums who love vibrant homewares and decorations. It includes a gorgeous handmade woollen cushion cover by Better World Arts, a bone china mug and lovely 100% cotton tea towel. Shop here.

For the Love of Homewares! Gift Bundle.   

Everyday Glam Gift Bundles - These gift bundles are all about spoiling mum with some glamourous accessories. Coming in three different pattern variations the monochrome bundle below features Aneura Earrings, a light chiffon scarf and a linen pouch to keep everything safe. Shop here. 

Everyday Glam Gift Bundle - Monochrome. 

Let's Go Shopping! Gift Bundle - This is the perfect gift for mums who love accessories! It includes gorgeous scrunchies, headbands and earrings designed by Warlukurlangu Artists as well as a lovely fold up bag shopping featuring the artwork "Wildflowers on Country" by Holly Sanders. Shop here.

Lets Go Shopping! Gift Bundle.

We hope that this has helped the often tricky quest to find a gift for mum. You’ll find all of these products as well as many more beautiful gift ideas in our special Mothers Day Collection