Get to Know Jewellery Brand From the Flame Trees

Introducing the latest edition to the Yarn website From the Flame Trees, a jewellery brand that celebrates the beauty and unique qualities of crystals. The owner and Founder Wakka Wakka woman Sharntell Ferrari makes each piece by hand. Creating beautiful woven macrame-style binding for each crystal. She is someone that adores crystals in all of their forms. She uses their energies, ancient wisdom and connection to country to draw comfort, strength, safety, insight, knowledge and power. Sharntell is passionate about sharing the benefits of crystals with everyone. Below, we talk further with Sharntell about From the Flame Trees mission and her knowledge of crystals and their qualities.

Mookaite Jasper, Aventurine and Tiger Eye Woven Necklaces.

When was From the Flame Trees first launched?

From the Flame Trees was launched in 2015, not long after the birth of my first son. It was a deeply spiritual and transformative time for me, and I longed for a talisman that would connect me to the earth and help me draw strength and wisdom from my ancestors. I visualized a crystal necklace that I could wear, hold and connect with, but when I had no luck in my search for something that spoke to me, I was called to create my own.

Why did you begin From the Flame Trees?

From the Flame Trees emerged from passion and persistence. I wanted to create jewellery that spoke to people and inspired connection. I’ve always loved crystals and slow, intentional handcraft. My dream was to combine them, share their magic and help people on their journey.

What is From the Flame Trees mission?

My mission is to make soulful crystal jewellery that honours nature, inspires connection and helps people on their journey.

Tell us more about how crystals connect to country and Indigenous culture.

Crystals connect me to the earth, nature and the beauty of creation. They connect me to my ancestors and their ancient wisdom, and I create with their presence and guidance.

What are some of your favourite crystals to work with?

My favourite crystals are Petrified Wood and Mookaite Jasper, both extremely grounding and earthy Australian gems. Petrified Wood has an energy of wisdom that reminds the wearer to breathe deeply, connect with the earth and remember their roots, to stand tall and to be resilient in the face of the storm. Mookaite is a crystal of deep soul healing and spiritual connection. I wear one or the other every day.

Petrified Wood and Crazy Lace Agate Woven Necklace. 

What is your process when making a new piece of jewellery?

With each new piece of jewellery, I focus on connecting with the crystal. I calm my mind, trust my fingers and fall into a rhythm. Each necklace is woven together with love, intention and little strands of my soul.

Are you excited to be a part of the Yarn Platform?

I’m so thrilled to be sharing my art with Yarn’s wonderful community!

What are your future plans for the brand?

The bush, beach, mountains and creeks of beautiful Gubbi Gubbi Country have inspired my creative journey and been home to From the Flame Trees for the past 6 years. In the future we’re looking to take my little business on the road so I can peddle my trinkets and create crystal magic while also connecting with more of this stunning land.

From the Flame Trees beautiful pieces are now available on Yarn. Shop here