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Yawalanha (Watch One Another) Beach Towel

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Get organised for a day at the beach or the pool with our beautiful beach towels. Featuring the designs of Amanda Hinkelmann, these towels are super absorbent and soft for keeping you dry and comfortable all day!

Product: Beach Towel
Materials: Polyester front and cotton back
Size: 75cm x 150cm
Artwork: Yawalanha
Artist: Amanda Hinkelmann

Yawalanha (Watch One Another) 
Within this artwork is the notion of generational care. It is representative of the way in which Aboriginal families take care of each other, and how everyone takes part in raising and guiding children. This artwork depicts all generations watching out for each other and caring for one another. From those within the stars, watching down and guiding, to those here on Earth. Each member of the family supports and loves each other. Kinship relationships are vital for the raising and teaching of many Aboriginal children and it is because of the love they receive from extended members of their families that they can understand deep connection and love.

Amanda Hinkelmann

Wiradjuri woman

Amanda Hinkelmann is a Wiradjuri woman born in Wagga Wagga. She is raising her four children on Wiradjuri Country, passing down... Learn more