Generational Flames NAIDOC 2024 Black Bamboo (Simpson) Unisex Polo Shirt

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This year’s theme is Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud.

Our NAIDOC Week 2024 Polo collection features our talented collaborating artists' reflection on and response to this year's theme. Each artist’s unique vision is a testament to the diversity of ways we celebrate Culture, Identity and Knowledge. Their rich artworks tell an individual and collective story that we are proud to share. 

These soft, breathable polo shirts are made from sustainably grown bamboo and have a high sun protection factor of UPF50+. A more subtle take on our classic polo, they feature contrast panels running down the sides and inner collar. Available in fitted and unisex styles that showcase the vibrant First Nations artwork created especially for the 2024 theme.

“This year's theme celebrates the unyielding spirit of our communities and invites all to stand in solidarity, amplifying the voices that have long been silenced. The fire represents the enduring strength and vitality of Indigenous cultures, passed down through generations despite the challenges faced.” - National NAIDOC Committee 2024

Product: Polo Bamboo Unisex
Style: Simpson
Materials: 100% Bamboo Polyester UPF 50+
Washing: Cold machine wash with similar colours
Artwork: Generational Flames
Artist: Robert Levi


Generational Flames 
Generational Flames represents the continuing development of our own community and cultural awareness. Keodal the crocodile represents strength and courage, Thabu the snake represents health and in some places creation. The dot circles are the people and the animal tracks are the dreaming spirits. Burri the Fire is the knowledge and effort laid down by our ancestors.