Introducing Yarn Marketplace

We are very excited to announce our new community marketplace, Yarn, a unique platform featuring a diverse range of products that showcase authentic Indigenous artwork. We are thrilled to start a new chapter with Yarn, supporting more Indigenous artists and community projects while also expanding our involvement within Indigenous training, employment and sponsorship. Through the former brand Bundarra, Regal Sportswear as the operating company was a pioneer in the establishment and promotion of Indigenous Australian fashion. Regal’s mission has always been to support Indigenous artists and communities as well as spread appreciation of First Nations art and culture throughout Australia and beyond. In order to meet the expectation of our audience and community partners we have created Yarn, a platform that allows us to achieve these important goals on a larger scale.

Yarn gives us the capacity to showcase more artists, support more community organisations and offer a larger range of products that will appeal to a broader Australian audience. We will soon be opening our marketplace to other Indigenous retail businesses and brands. By sharing our platform and resources we will help them grow and connect with new customers. Through our diverse array of brands, the marketplace offers many of your favourite products as well as an extensive range of new products.

Yarn’s core philosophy is simple, we exist to support Indigenous artists and communities. We do this through forming partnerships with Indigenous artists, art centres, non-for-profit organisations and other community groups. We are proud to be partnered with these incredible organisations and to have a continued positive impact on the wider Australian Indigenous community. To start off Yarn has partnered with three incredible Indigenous non-for-profits Gunawirra, Nutrition Plus and the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF). Each of these organisations make significant contributions to Indigenous communities' physical and emotional wellbeing. We assist in funding their important projects and programs and also provide support through promotion via our social media platforms and Blog. You can find out more about our community partnerships here.

Yarn provides a platform for up and coming artists to promote their personal artistic practice nationally. We are committed to ensuring that all collaborations with artists are conducted in a way that empowers them to tell their unique stories and share their voice. A few of our long term artists include Holly Sanders, Luke Mallie, Charlie Chambers Jnr and Robert Levi. Our key art centre partnership is with Warlukurlangu Artists, a centre located in the Central Desert community of Yuendumu. You will find many of their beautiful artworks featured through our new range of products. Find out more about the talented Warlukurlangu Artists here.

We are incredibly excited to take this next step with Yarn and our incredible supportive customers from across Australia. The reach of this diverse audience gives us endless opportunity to address Indigenous cultural awareness. Through Yarn we have the ability to gather an extensive range of partners from around Australia and make a large impact on Indigenous communities and artists. We look forward to working on such an important project and expanding our role in supporting Indigenous communities for many years to come.