Caring for Country – Yarn Launches Sustainable Packaging and Recycling Initiative

Through human history, we've had the Stone Age, the Iron Age, and the Bronze Age. Now it appears we are in the Plastic Age. Our eyes are being opened to the sheer scale of the plastic waste problem globally. Single-use plastics resulting from our throw-away consumer society do untold environmental damage. They pile up in landfills & cover once-pristine beaches. Marine waste, of which 80% is plastic, kills marine and bird life. An estimated two trillion pieces of plastic occupies the Pacific Ocean. Estimated to be three times the size of France, we expect this Great Pacific Garbage Patch to grow 22% by 2025. 

Green sea turtle entangled in a discarded fishing net

Our team at Yarn found this pretty alarming. We felt we had to do whatever we could to prevent the plastics monster from growing ever larger. We looked to traditional values of ‘Caring for Country’ for inspiration.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies, “country” refers to ancestral lands. The original people have deep and intrinsic ties going back many thousands of years. Dreaming stories imbue every part of the landscape, they tell of the beings who shaped the land. “Country” is both an actual place and a spiritual place. This is why Caring for Country is so imperative.

In our own small way, we are scrutinising our use of plastics and making change. Cultural peers and elders have inspired all at Yarn. Their inspiration has helped Bundarra to become the popular brand it is today. Caring for country, culture and community are values that have inspired us as a team. They are values key to the health of all communities. These values form the foundation of all products that Yarn stocks. 

With our first Caring for Country range, we've begun eliminating plastic packaging. We've introduced fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles & sourced water-based inks.

Our latest designs endeavour to capture the spirit of 'Caring for Country'. Clean air, clean water, and clean oceans are the start of what will be an ongoing initiative here at Yarn. Communities can benefit by following the values of Caring for Country.

Climate change is real and causing real problems. It manifests in our physical surrounds and is affecting the richness of life itself. If we all make a small commitment to change, we will share a much brighter future.

Yarn has committed to this cause. We have chosen to take a responsible path towards sustainability. We know that we can always do more, but we are very proud of our achievements so far. Keep an eye out for our first Caring for Country product release. There is much more to come so stay tuned!

Caring For Country Range - Sneak Peek

Let's all learn from Elders past and present and protect the environment we live in.

Further information about Caring for Country will be available soon.

Caring for Country Initiative by Bundarra