Is it Okay for Non-Indigenous People to Wear Yarn Clothing?

This is a question we know many of you have. The short answer is absolutely, yes!

We at Yarn hope to spark positivity and awareness through inviting everyone regardless of cultural background, to experience First Nation’s art. As long as they are worn with respect, we encourage everyone to rock our designs! By encouraging all Australians to wear the Indigenous designs we feature through Yarn, we hope to facilitate awareness, respect and cultural appreciation.

Art is a wonderful educational tool and we encourage everyone to learn the stories behind the pieces you wear. We believe wearable art and fashion is a means of sparking conversation and opening people up to new ways of thinking. Our designs feature authentic and ethically-sourced Indigenous artwork from First Nation’s artists, and each offers an opportunity to share the artist’s story. Learning the meaning behind the designs you wear is a means to further educate yourself and others about Indigenous culture, stories and history.

Our artists take great pride in seeing their beautiful designs being worn by people of all cultural backgrounds. By wearing these designs you not only show that you are an ally, but you also spread the beauty that is First Nation artwork.

We love to see everyone wearing and loving our products!