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Shallows Bamboo Coaster Set (4 Pack)

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There’s nothing like a vibrant set of drink coasters to get the party started! This coaster set features 4 coasters and is composed of 100% bamboo.

These coaster sets feature gorgeous artworks by Bidjara artist Sheri Skele. Her artworks express her deep connection with her Aboriginal heritage, the earth, Country and spirit.

Product: Bamboo Coasters
Materials: 100% Bamboo 
Size: Coaster - 10cm x 10cm, Holder - 11.5cm x 11.5cm
Artwork: Shallows
Artist: Sheri Skele

This piece represents the shallow waters in Queensland that are thriving with life. We would spend all day at the beach in and out of the water, playing on the sand building sand castles and collecting shells and pippies. Sometimes we would go up to the BBQ's and cook a bunch of the fresh pippies we collected. - Sheri Skele 

Sheri Skele (Bigi Nagala)

Aboriginal Bidjara woman

"I began painting as a way to connect with my culture and quickly realised that it was also an incredibly meditative and spirit... Learn more