Aneura (by Yarn)

Nguru Yurntuma-wana Rope Handle Beach Bag

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Aneura's brand new beach bags are the perfect way of brightening up your next beach trip. They feature a silky lining, zip closure, rope handles, and ample space for your towel, hat and any other essential beach trip items.

The bags feature gorgeous artworks by artists from Warlukurlangu Artists, an art centre based in the remote community of Yuendumu. The artist's works tell stories of the Country and culture of Central Australia.    

Product: Beach Bag
Materials: 100% Polyester
Size: 39cm (W) x 37 (H)
Artwork: Nguru Yurntuma-wana
Artist: Cecilia Napurrurla Wilson 

'Nguru Yurntuma-wana' translates to 'country around Yuendumu.' This painting depicts the natural landscape of the area. The bush around Yuendumu features plenty of trees, grass, animals to hunt, and edible plants to gather. There are also a number of beautiful natural features in the area, including rocky hills, creeks, soakages and waterholes which allow the plants and wildlife to thrive.

Cecilia Napurrurla Wilson

Aboriginal Warlpiri woman