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Pamapardu Mouse Pad

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Add some beautiful colour and vibrancy to your desk with our mouse pads. They feature beautiful artworks by artists from Warlukurlangu Artists, an Indigenous art centre based in the remote community of Yuendumu, Central Australia.

Product: Mousepad
Materials: Natural rubber backing and polyester surface
Size: 3mm(H) x 235mm ( W ) x 196mm(L)
Artwork: Pamapardu
Artist: Theresa Napurrurla Ross 

'Pamapardu' is the Warlpiri name for the flying ants or termites that build the large anthills found throughout Warlpiri country. These large eath mounds are called 'Mingkirri.' When heavy rains come in the summer the Mingkirri get flooded out, so the Pampardu grow wings and fly off to make new homes; following their queens to dry mounds or to build new ones. Once they have reached their new home they drop their wings.

Theresa Napurrurla Ross

Aboriginal Warlpiri woman

Theresa Napurrurla Ross is the daughter of Peggy Morton but she was raised by Tess Napaljarri Ross, a full time artist with the... Learn more