STORY - Leekatyoong

Leekatyoong (Courage)
I was inspired to create this artwork when I was speaking at an International Women's day event.
When I was driving from Naarm back to Peek Whurrong Country (Warrnambool) I was reflecting on the strong line of Aboriginal women that were before me. When the NAIDOC theme was announced 'For my Elders' it motivated me to do a piece about my nan Maude, great nan Amy, and great granny Mary and Alice. This artwork shows the courage that all of those women had/have and how it has allowed me to be the strong woman that I am today. It shows the waterways of the country they were on, Kirrae Whurrong back home and Bunurong country here in Naarm.
It shows the Kangaroos and emus by the river, my family gathering by the Hopkins river, and the continuing connection I will always spiritually have with my nan's.