STORY - Bunya Songlines

Being brought up in a community I was told all of these stories about who you are, what tribe and where you’re from by the Elders. For me to learn those stories it was a privilege at a young age. Because [Elders] might be passed on today but their stories are still continued through my art pieces.

So this one here is basically about my tribe, the Jawarior tribe. Being taught by my aunties and uncles about the Bunya Mountains and how people used to gather there, and why we were given that name Jawarior, which means givers because we’d [hold] the Bunya Festival….This painting here means a lot to me, more than just dots and lines… means culture, respect, learning and sharing. So for me to share this story, it's about sharing my story to the wider community, not just the Indigenous community but also the non-Indigenous community. - Charlie Chambers Jnr.