Roxanne Thomas Buljie Buljie

Aboriginal Lardil Woman

“When I am painting I think about my culture and how it is struggling in the modern world and how different life is today compared to when I was a child.

My language name, Buljie Buljie, means mangrove rat. I paint my totem Balibal - the spotted stingray and it makes me feel good inside, proud and when I am finished and I can look at it hanging on a wall it makes me strong and feel that I am helping to keep my culture strong.

I was born in Cloncurry and my mum took me to Mornington Island while I was still a small baby. I was grown up by Tom and Dora Jacob.

I went to high school in Cairns but returned to Mornington Island to work at the local store when I was 15 years old.

I have two sons; the first Kyle was born when I was 19 and the second Brenton two years later. I have worked with the Mornington Island dancers for the last 15 years touring to countries such as USA, New Zealand, Japan, China and Palua. I have also toured all over Australia showing the wider Australian community our dances, culture and songs.”- Roxanne Thomas Buljie Buljie


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