Singleton Lavender Sachet 10g x2Singleton Lavender Sachet 10g x2

Singleton Lavender Sachet 10g x2

Better World Arts

Patterson Lavender Sachet 10g x2Patterson Lavender Sachet 10g x2

Patterson Lavender Sachet 10g x2

Better World Arts

Morris Lavender Sachet 10g x2Morris Lavender Sachet 10g x2

Morris Lavender Sachet 10g x2

Better World Arts

Hudson Lavender Sachet 10g x2Hudson Lavender Sachet 10g x2

Hudson Lavender Sachet 10g x2

Better World Arts

Marks Lavender Sachet (Sandhills) 10g x2Marks Lavender Sachet (Sandhills) 10g x2
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Looking for something homeware and still haven't found it? Chances are it’s featured on our “miscellaneous” section. We feature anything that doesn’t typically fit under our usual categories, in this section. Currently, we offer a range of lavender sachets, much loved by our customers.

Restful sleep 

Coming in packs of 2, these little envelopes are infused with Australian grown organic lavender. Each sachet comes in handmade paper envelopes. The aroma of lavender is known around the world for its calming, anxiety-pacifying and uplifting properties. Keep one of these delights tucked under your pillow to get a calm restful sleep. You can also use this anywhere around the house or in your car, as an eco-friendly alternative to commercial air-freshener. Even throw one in your handbag to have it smelling fresh all the time.

Beautiful paper envelopes 

What’s most exciting about our range of lavender sachets are the beautiful paper envelopes they come in. Each artwork depicted on our sachets is original artworks from Indigenous artists of Australian remote regions. Each design tells beautiful stories about the picturesque landscapes of Australia and the vegetation of the country. You can find fascinating details about things that are of cultural importance to First Nations peoples, under the “artwork story” section of each of our sachets on your website.

Better World Arts 

Our lavender sachets are brought to us from Better World Arts, an ethical brand that is a member of Fair Traders of Australia. Better Worlds Arts is passionate about bringing the works of Indigenous artists as well as artists from other global rural regions like Nepal and Peru, to the attention of the larger community. They provide countless opportunities to traditional artists from rural locations to supplement their existing streams of income and aid the improvement of local economies through their collaborations.


Our products feature 100% authentic indigenous artworks & designs.


Ethically and sustainably sourced indigenous designed products.


Ease of mind product guarantee and returns policy.


Your orders support indigenous employment and training.