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Linen Premium Fitted Face Masks

Our premium linen face masks, which are better for the planet and you, are a total hit amongst our customers. Instead of our usual three-layered design, our premium numbers consist of a four-layered composition. Behind the outer lining of 160gsm Bamboo sits a non-woven interfacing. Thereafter, two 130gsm cotton lining layers with one PM activated carbon filter sitting in between them. In addition to the carbon filter each mask comes with, we now provide you with two complementary filters! We also sell filters that come in packs of twenty separately, so you can ensure you have some in hand for when you need them.

Four-layer composition 

Despite the four-layer composition, each layer of fabric is carefully crafted to be thin enough to provide you as much comfort as it does protection. The two-panel design and the non-woven interfacing layer means that they provide you with a beautiful snug fit. Because of the nose wire they have, you can be assured that you will be able to breathe easily while getting maximum coverage. As with all our masks, these have a adjustable elastic fastenings, making them one size fits all. Head on over to our Kids section to browse through our kid-appropriate masks.

Wide variety of designs 

You can stay protected in style this season thanks to all the beautiful patterns that are featured on our premium masks. We have a broad-ranging collection that will make it super easy for you to find something that matches your most favourite outfits. Our solid colour numbers are crafted just for those of us who are minimalists-at-heart in mind.

All our masks come from Lore Clothing Co., one of our customers most loved brands, that is passionate about celebrating Indigenous culture through their designs. Their designs feature the original artworks of talented First Nations artists, that communicate to us amazing details about Indigenous culture and the Dreamtime.