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Premium Fitted Face Masks

Our premium mask designs are composed of 4 layers instead of the 3 layers of our standard masks. They consist of 2 130gsm cotton lining layers, that sit behind the 160gsm Bamboo outer lining. Thereby, a non woven interfacing sits behind the outer Bamboo lining and a PM 2.5 Activated Carbon filter sits between the 2 cotton lining layers. We also now provide you with 2 complementary filters with each mask! You can also buy our filters that come in packs of 20, separately. Thanks to the two panel design and non-woven interfacing layer our premium masks feature, they provide you with a structured yet comfortable fit. They also feature a nose wire that ensures easy breathing and optimal coverage of the face. The adjustable elastic straps mean they can be worn by anyone.

Indigenous designs 

Our designs feature beautifully vibrant patterns and colours that instantly liven up our outfits. With our premium masks staying protected while looking fashionable will seem be effortless. Our beautiful collection of designs will make it super easy for you to find something that matches your favourite outfits. Our premium mask designs also come in more muted solid colours, that any minimalist-at-heart is sure to love. We assure you that you can find something that tickles your fancy in our collection.

Lore Clothing Co. 

Lore Clothing Co. is trusted by our customers for the amazing quality they deliver through their designs. Their pieces embody beautiful details about the sacred stories, the Indigenous artists of Australia/ Their designs feature original artworks of these talented artists that convey information about the rich Australian culture, landscapes and Dreamtime. They are passionate about telling stories of the sacred historical Australian culture through their designs. Lore Clothing Co. aims to deliver both style and comfort to its customers, through designs that accommodate everybody in the family