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Face Masks 

Stay protected in style, using Yarn Marketplace's wide range of face masks. We have an assortment of different masks to choose from, that come in fashionable patterns as well as ones that come in versatile solid colours, that can easily match your outfit. All masks have a minimum of three layers embedded in them, making them the ideal choice of face mask as per the recommendations of the Australian government, so you can be sure to keep you and your loved ones safe.

3 and 4 layer face masks 

Our 3-layer mask features 2 130gsm cotton lining layers, that are placed behind the 160gsm Bamboo Polyester outer layer. Each mask also comes with 2 complimentary PM 2.5 Activated Carbon filters, in addition to the one which is inserted in between the 2 cotton layers. We also offer a 4 layered mask range, where we have an extra layer of non-woven interfacing in between the outer lining layer and the first cotton lining layer. Moreover, some of our 4 layered masks consist of a breathable premium linen lining, as their outer lining. We also carry a range of kid friendly sizes, so you are bound to find something for everyone in the family.

Quality masks by Lore Clothing Co. 

Our masks are by Lore Clothing Co., an apparel brand that is passionate about telling stories of the sacred history of Australian culture through their product designs. They feature authentic artworks made in collaboration with Indigenous artists, which Lore Clothing Co. use to help the community with developing a deeper awareness about the true Australian culture and its people. These stories capture the essence of the Dreamtime and the history of Australia. They offer high quality designs that provide both comfortableness and style. Their range is comprehensive and caters to the needs of everyone in the family.