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Wambuwanbunmarra (Mix) Bamboo Picnic Set

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Our latest range of homewares features demure yet sparkling designs inspired by natural landscapes from Wiradjuri artist Amanda Hinkelmann.

Made from bamboo fibre, these homewares are eco-friendly and long-term biodegradable. They are FDA & LFGB food safe approved and ultra lightweight. Our sets have everything you need to get out and about, dining in style for camping and picnics. 

Inject some flair and personality into your dishes! Collect the set or mix and match Amanda’s designs for your own unique collection.

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe (Top Shelf Only) +  NOT microwave safe 

Product: Bamboo Picnic Set: 4 x Large plates, 4 x Small plates, 4 x Bowls, 4 x Cups
Materials: Bamboo fibre
Size: Large Plate: 10” diameter / Small Plate: 8” diameter / Bowl: 680ml /5.75” diameter / Cup: 300ml capacity
Artwork: Wambuwanbunmarra (Mix)
Artist: Amanda Hinkelmann

Wambuwanbunmarra (Mix)
Represented within this artwork is the idea of all that is on Earth and within our skies is one, it is mixed. Our great creator made the land, its waterways, its spirit-beings, our people, and the skies. This piece touches on the idea of all of this being linked; the notion that without one, the others wouldn't be complete. It shares the idea that as a living being, we are of the Earth, and we return to the Earth. We are not separate to our lands, and we don't own them, but rather, care for them. This piece is part of the 'Dabaa-Malang' art release.

Amanda Hinkelmann

Wiradjuri woman

Amanda Hinkelmann is a Wiradjuri woman born in Wagga Wagga. She is raising her four children on Wiradjuri Country, passing down... Learn more