Young Artists Competition Charity Profile: Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is one of the three amazing non-for-profits partnering with Yarn for our exciting Young Artists Competition. The competition encourages young people Australia-wide to get creative, and connect with culture and country through this year's NAIDOC theme “Always Was, Always Will Be.” ALNF is an organisation that makes significant contributions to Indigenous children’s lives through working with families, communities and schools to improve literacy and numeracy skills. ALNF talks further about our partnership and their significant work:
“It is clear that some of the most marginalised children in our nation continue to be left behind when it comes to literacy and education. That is why Yarn and ALNF have partnered to help break the cycle of illiteracy and disadvantage for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and communities. Founded in 1999, ALNF exists to raise language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia, with a specific focus on Indigenous, refugee and disadvantaged communities. We believe that literacy is freedom - literacy allows individuals to access education, participate meaningfully in our society and to have a voice. It is a basic human right.” -ALNF, 2020.

Image courtesy of ALNF, 2020.

ALNF’s recognition of literacy skills as a fundamental right and source of freedom is what makes their work so important. ALNF supports individuals, families, communities and schools through training and resources. They roll out this support via core programs and a number of one-off community projects. These include: Indigenous First Language Program, Early Language and Literacy Program, Share-a-Book Program, Subtext: Art for Literacy Program and their Literacy Packs.

ALNF’s Indigenous First Language program contributes to the revival, maintenance and revitalisation of Indigenous First Languages. Making connections between Indigenous First Language and English is essential for the development of community health, welfare and education. ALNF’s Living First Languages Platform preserves Indigenous First Languages through community-led interactive literacy apps. In Australia, First Languages are disappearing at a faster rate than anywhere in the world, consequently making this program essential. ALNF hopes that:
“...the impact of this initiative goes beyond preservation of Language, and that the platform serves to strengthen communities, bridge cultural divides, foster resilience, encourage literacy and put First Language back into community members’ hands.” -ALNF, 2020

Image courtesy of ALNF, 2020.

Another of ALNF’s important initiatives is their Share-A-Book program, which provides new and quality pre-loved books for Indigenous, refugee and marginalised communities in need of resources. ALNF collects donated books from schools, corporations, publishing houses and booksellers and distributes them to targeted regions and communities across Australia. Children can borrow or keep the books. As seen in these gorgeous images the children love these books. In many cases the libraries have needed their stock fully replenished because the demand on books has been so high!

Through their programs, ALNF is able to make a huge difference in communities all across Australia. “Literacy development is one of the most important indicators of future health, wellbeing and prosperity” (ALNF, 2020). This is what makes ALNF so vital to the lives and futures of young people.

Here at Yarn, we are proud to support ALNF and the incredible work that they do. We hope that the money generated from our Young Artists Competition can assist ALNF in their current programs and future endeavors.

If you’d like to find out more about ALNF and their current projects or to donate click here.