Young Artists Competition 2021 Winner Announcement

We are so excited to announce the winner of our Young Artists Competition ‘The Healing Leap’ by Justin aged 10. The competition was judged by two of Yarn’s talented partner artists Shara Delaney and Mandy Draper. Justin’s work was chosen by the artists as he has done an incredible job at creating an artwork and story that encapsulates the competition’s theme “Heal Country.” Through Justin’s artwork’s representation of the kangaroo, he shows us moving forward together as a nation and healing country.

“Let’s heal our country, heal our nation and don’t let damages ruin the greatest creation. This is my artwork showcasing the healing of our future. Kangaroos represent our country and kangaroo means moving forward, leaping into the future with our pride as a sacred land and keeping the history alive. Be willing to take a chance to protect our country. With beautiful sunrises, fresh water streams, plants and animal life, let’s heal the country and be proud!” - Justin

Justin’s artwork conveys an important message, that we need to leap into the future with a pride in culture and willingness to protect this beautiful country.

The winner was picked from the top 5 finalists who had the highest number of people's choice votes. We would like to acknowledge the other incredible finalists: ‘Beautiful Country’ by Geraldine, ‘Heal Country’ by Shenayah, ‘Connection to Country’ by Raiden and ‘We Need Your Help’ by Jett. We are absolutely blown away by the talent that has emerged through this competition. It is wonderful to see the creativity of the younger generation and to witness their continued connection to culture and country.

As a result of winning this competition, Justin’s artwork ‘The Healing Leap’ will be featured on a limited edition Yarn collection! 100% of the profits from sales will be going to our partner charities ALNF (Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation), Gunawirra, Nutrition Plus and Surat Aboriginal Corporation. So, keep your eyes peeled for this incredible new collection, it will be available soon and for a short time only!

Once again, congratulations Justin!