Yarn’s Young Artists Competition 2021

We are very excited to announce that we will be running our Young Artists Competition for the second year in a row! In keeping with this year’s NAIDOC theme the competition calls for young artists to create an artwork that represents “Healing Country.'' It is an opportunity for young people, ages 6 -16, to explore what this theme means to them, and share their spiritual, physical, emotional, social, or cultural connection to Country.

The winner will be chosen by two of our Yarn’s wonderful partner artists: Mandy Draper and Shara Delaney. Mandy Draper is a proud Durag woman of the Cabrogal tribe. Through her paintings, she connects with her community sharing her experiences with mental health and the healing power of art. Artist Shara Delaney is a proud Quandamooka woman. Her contemporary artworks express her identity as a strong saltwater woman as well as her connection to her family and her people. Together, these talented artists will choose the artwork that best reflects the theme “Heal Country.”

The winner will receive a $500 Yarn voucher and will have their design printed on a limited edition Yarn collection.100% of the profits from the sales of this collection will go to our Community Partners ALNF (Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation), Gunawirra, Nutrition Plus and Surat Aboriginal Corporation. Each of these organisations make significant contributions to Indigenous children's lives through education, health and creative development.

ALNF - strives to “break the cycle of illiteracy and disadvantage for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and communities.” They are dedicated to raising language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia.

Gunawirra - is an organisation that works with young Indigenous mothers and children, with a focus on the importance of early childhood development. They “empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people, families and communities to develop to their full potential.”

Nutrition Plus - is an “Australia wide charity whose purpose is to improve the health of Indigenous Children.” They work with schools and community groups to create community gardens and educate children about healthy eating.

Surat Aboriginal Corporation - is “committed to the preservation, promotion and development of Indigenous Culture as well as supporting physical and mental health, well being and positive identity of Indigenous people across South West Queensland.”They work closely with the children in their community through their Indigenous Playgroups, Breakfast Clubs and Homework Clubs.

Yarn has partnered with these non-for-profits because we recognise the significance of the community work they do. We hope that the money generated from this competition can help these organisations progress with their projects and programs to support young Indigenous Australians.

We encourage young people to get involved and create an artwork that represents what “Heal Country” means to them. This competition is a wonderful opportunity for kids to get creative, and share their unique perspectives and talent with Australia.

For full details of the competition and to submit artworks click here.