Why is it Important to Wear a Face Mask?

Here in Australia we are at a strange point with COVID-19. While Victoria is going back into lockdown, the rest of the country and world for that matter have relaxed many restrictions and we are almost back to living our day to day lives. Throughout the pandemic, face masks have become an essential part of everyone's protection, some would say they have also become an essential fashion statement too. Wearing a mask significantly reduces the community transmission of COVID-19. In a situation where a carrier and healthy person come into contact, if they are both wearing masks the likelihood of transmission is very low. It is incredibly important that both Victorians and the rest of us wear them, particularly since we are now mingling more widely now. 

Woman wearing reusable Bundarra mask. Authentic Indigenous Clothing.

There are a few important things to remember when using your mask. The first step is to make sure that your face mask is a nice snug fit and covers your mouth and nose. Next, is to practice good hygiene in relation to your mask. Make sure you wash your hands when putting it on or taking it off. If you’re planning to re-use your mask without washing it, place it in a clean plastic bag so that it doesn’t get contaminated. Another part to this is do not wear your mask if it is damp as it can easily build up germs. Lastly, the best way of sterilising your mask as recommended by the DHHS is to wash it with detergent and dry it out completely by either using a heated dryer or placing it in the sunshine. Remember that wearing a mask in conjunction with social distancing measures and frequent handwashing or use of sanitizer is the most effective way of protecting yourself and others. 

Here at Yarn we’ve got all of your needs covered, our masks are made with a bamboo outer, soft cotton lining and come in an array of colourful designs. As mentioned earlier, face masks have become somewhat of an essential fashion accessory. They can be found in a huge array of colours and patterns that can be coordinated with all of your outfits. We hope everyone can have some fun with this new fashion item and stay safe and healthy. Let's all do our best to protect ourselves and the people around us.