Why did we start Yarn?

Hi wonderful customers and followers!

We are aware there has been some confusion about what Yarn Marketplace is all about. We hope the below information helps answer some of your questions as to why we have begun Yarn, and our plans for this exciting new platform.

Yarn Marketplace has been created by Regal Sportswear, a company with over 30 years of retail marketing and manufacturing experience and former operator behind the brand Bundarra. Our key aim through Yarn is to now support Indigenous retail businesses by promoting them on our marketplace platform and offering our logistic infrastructure and marketing expertise. This is something that was not possible when we operated as a singular brand, the former fashion brand Bundarra. Of course our new marketplace needed a catchy name, through many brainstorming and consultation sessions with our Indigenous partner artists we came up with Yarn. It has a creative double meaning connecting with both fibre crafts and English word yarn, meaning to chat or to tell a story which links to the unique stories that our featured artworks tell.

No, Yarn is not Indigenous owned. Yarn however exists as a platform for First Nations owned brands/small businesses to share in an audience of 140k+ followers and the thousands of daily visitors we have on our website. It is our mission through our platform to support and promote Indigenous artists, art centres, non-for-profits and small Indigenous-owned retail businesses. Together in the last 3 years we have directed $1.8 million to Indigenous employment and training, artist compensation and promotion, model contracts and direct community funding. You can find out more about our social impact here.

We are here to help First Nations artists, non-for-profits and small Indigenous-owned businesses grow and flourish. We value all of you, our incredible customers and followers and want you to feel included in this transition, please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any further questions!