We ask, what does NAIDOC mean to you?

One of the most wonderful things about NAIDOC week is everyone from all walks of life coming together to share their love and respect for Indigenous culture and our beautiful country. Through this year's NAIDOC theme ‘Heal Country’ we seek greater protections for country. This week we asked you all, our wonderful customers, what NAIDOC Week means to you and now we would love to share some of the beautiful sentiments.

Here are some of your thoughts:

“Celebration of Culture”

“Celebrating the oldest living culture in the world with family, friends and my community.”

“A time to recognise and be educated on the history and culture of Indigenous Australia.”

“An opportunity to consistently learn and embed it in everyday life!”

“A celebration of the oldest living culture, and all of the beauty and majesty it holds.”

Such wonderful words, we couldn’t agree more! We hope that everyone has a beautiful NAIDOC week, taking the time to celebrate Indigenous culture and taking action to heal the country. Country is an inherent part of First Nations peoples identities; it forms a fundamental part of every aspect of life - spiritually, physically, emotionally and culturally. It is this incredibly strong connection that we need to celebrate and use as a driving force to protect the land, water and cultural heritage of beautiful Australia.