Top 10 First Nations Artists to Support

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art has recently captured the hearts of the world and here at Yarn we are so lucky to be able to collaborate with some truly incredible First Nations artists. In this post we would like to introduce you to 10 upcoming and established artists you can support and follow! Each of these artists showcase their deep connection to their community, the land around us and their Indigenous culture. 


1. Caitlyn Davies-Plummer 

Caitlyn Davies is a Barkindji woman behind the incredible Dustin-Koa Art, creating stunning contemporary Aboriginal Australian artwork. Most of her artwork features vibrant pinks and soft purples that really pop on the canvas. Her artwork showcases her heritage and skill as an Indigenous Australian artist. You can follow her on Instagram to see more of her fantastic work. @dustinkoaart on Instagram


2. Alkina Edwards 

Alkina Edwards is a fantastic artist based on Yorta Yorta country in Echuca in Victoria. She uses soft pinks and browns with vibrant pops of native plants and flowers for pieces that really feel alive. Alkina uses both digital and traditional mediums for her work. You can check out her Instagram to see more of her wonderful art. @alkinascreations on Instagram


3. Bayley Mifsud

Bayley Mifsud is a contemporary Aboriginal artist and proud Kirrae and Peek Wurrong woman of the Gundjitmara nation. Her artist name is Merindah-Gunya which means “Beautiful Spirit” in Peek Wurrong language. Her art features bright oranges and pastel colours in a fun and vibrant style that really showcases her connection to Country and culture. @merindahgunya on Instagram

4. Rebekah Lane

Rebekah Lane is a Dunghutti Biripi woman creating stunning Indigenous artwork. She uses both earth tones and blacks as well as bright pinks and greens in different pieces for a varied and wonderful portfolio that shows her connection to her heritage. You can check out her Instagram to see more of her fantastic work. @ginyaangart on Instagram

5. Marlie Albert

Marlie Albert is a proud Baard Banoil woman from Broome Western Australia who creates wonderful Indigneous art. The earth tones and vibrant blues of her pieces show charm and character. A lot of her pieces feature Australian wildlife, from turtles to crocodiles, bringing her artwork to life. @marliealbert.artwork on Instagram

6. Sheri Skele

Sheri Skele is a proud Bidjara woman and contemporary Aboriginal artist who creates vibrant paintings inspired by her culture and her own life experiences. Her artwork features vibrant pastel colours with earth tones. She calls her artwork ‘bigi nagala’, which means ‘I am dreaming’ in the Bidjara language. Her artwork shows her deep connection to her heritage and to Country. 



7. Robert Levi 

Robert Levi is a Torres Strait Islander Kauraraig man who creates bold and authentic Indigenous art. His art is a way for him to pass on stories and keep the culture alive. He is passionate about inspiring the younger generations and advocating for authentic Indigenous art. His artwork features vibrant colours and bold figures as well as Australian wildlife. You can check out his Instagram to see more of his work. 


8. Luke Mallie

Luke Mallie is a contemporary Indigenous artist from Brisbane. He is a proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander from Kuku Yalanji and Kubin Village country. His artwork is inspired by his family, culture and the tropical landscape around him and the designs are heavily influenced by pop culture, animation and modern design. He uses his artwork as a way to help others to see the beauty of Aboriginal Australian culture and artwork and to raise awareness of Indigenous issues. His artwork features bright vibrant colours and beautiful Australian wildlife. 


9. Charlie Chambers Jnr.

Charlie Chambers Jnr is an Australian Aboriginal artist belonging to the Jarowair tribe. His artwork is a way to tell the stories his Elders shared when he was young, keeping these stories about the community alive and sharing them with others. His artwork features strong earth tones as well as bright blues and greens. He uses very traditional styles to depict Australian animals and stories. 


10. Shara Delaney

Shara Delaney is a contemporary Australian Aboriginal artist from Quandamooka country. Her artwork is inspired by stories from her Elders and represents her identity as a strong saltwater woman with a connection to family, sand and sea. Her artwork features soft pastels as well as vibrant pinks and beautiful depictions of sea animals. 

If you would like to see more of these artists' incredible work and support them, then you can check out their Instagram or keep an eye out on Yarn to see some of these artists' existing collabs with us and some exciting upcoming projects.