Partner Brand Update: Juddarnje

Since launching Yarn Marketplace in January we have welcomed 15 Indigenous-owned and ally-friendly brands to our platform. Despite the challenges that have come with COVID-19, these small businesses have experienced some amazing growth, launching new products and starting some incredible new initiatives.

First up, we hear from Indigenous-owned skincare brand Juddarnje. They offer a range of natural skincare products that incorporate beautiful native botanicals. “Living in harmony with nature” is a part of Juddarnje’s core ethos. Through their knowledge of native botanicals and bush tucker they create natural and safe skincare products.

Juddarnje Skin Harmony Cream. Courtesy of Juddarnje, 2021.

Juddarnje’s owner and founder, Linda Slockee, tells us more about the business’s ongoing mission and their involvement in an incredible new programme:

“The team at Juddarnje have always been keenly aware of the Australian Bush and environment. Our connection to the land comes from being part of the Bundjalung Nation of Northern New South Wales. Our people have always lived in harmony with Country and from this, built a vast knowledge of native plants nutritional and medicinal values.

Our team at Juddarnje set out to showcase what the First Nations people of Australia have always known (that the environment will care for us), but in using nature, we must respect it and tread gently as we go. We have incorporated many bush foods, botanicals and clays used by those who came before us. We develop and craft Juddarnje products to care for our skin in the most natural way possible. Our name Juddarnje means ‘Frog’ as these beautiful creatures live and survive only in pristine environments free of pollutants.

Recently, we were invited to supply the Gold Coast Health Service with some of our baby care products as part of an innovative programme for new Indigenous mums, dads and their ‘jarjums’ [children]. The initiative was organised by Cassandra Nest, the lead midwife of the Waijungbah Jarjums Midwifery Service. This is a service that connects Aboriginal and Torres Islander parents with an Aboriginal and Torres Islander midwife, child health nurse and health worker from baby's conception through to the first 1000 days of life.

Smoking ceremony and welcome for jarjums. Photo courtesy of SJ Campbell Photography, 2021.

As part of the welcome for new jarjums, mums and dads were presented with a host of products from Indigenous businesses to help in those first 1000 days of life. Our Gentle Baby Soap and Baby Bottom Balm were a great success with the mums, being all natural, safe and gentle for such delicate new born skin. Juddarnje is proud to have been a part of such a wonderful programme.

Juddarnje is an Indigenous boutique business committed to creating products with natural ingredients, gentle on the skin and free of chemicals. It's time people stopped using synthetic ingredients and thought not only of their skin, but how their choice in skincare products impacts the environment. The way of nature is the only way.”

It is such an incredible programme that Juddarnje is a part of with the Gold Coast Health Service. We are proud to support such a community minded brand and look forward to seeing Juddarnje continue to grow and branch out into new avenues.

Check out Juddarnje’s gorgeous skincare products here.