OUR MOB Art Exhibition

OUR MOB is a special celebration of South Australian Indigenous arts. Presented by the Adelaide Festival Centre, the exhibition showcases First Nations visual arts and storytelling. It immerses the public, students and art workers in the world of Indigenous arts and culture. The exhibition also provides important opportunities for up-and-coming artists to share their talents, boost their careers and generate direct-to-artist sales to support their art practices. OUR MOB is supported by the Don Dunstan Foundation who provide artist prizes that support artists in the development of their careers (Adelaide Festival Centre, 2021). The exhibition runs until the 30th of September, so if you’re in Adelaide we highly recommend you check it out.

‘Three Women Sitting on a Log Yarning’ by Kunyi June Anne McInerney. Courtesy of Australia’s Guide SA, 2021.

This three-part exhibition has provided an exciting opportunity for South Australian Indigenous artists of all ages to merge together both traditional and contemporary styles of handicraft and visual art. In one part of the exhibition called OUR YOUNG MOB, a group of Indigenous artists, aged 18 years and under, had the opportunity to present their various works. The other exhibitions include solo works by Ngarrindjeri, Narungga and Ngadjuri artist Sonya Rankine, and a showcase of various other Indigenous artists. Some of these other incredibly talented artists include paint artists such as Yankunyjatjara woman Kunyi June Anne McInerney, Wemba Wemba man Fah-Fah Walsh and Adnyamathanha/Arrabunna woman Dawn Likouresis. Other forms of visual art are also featured through artists: Dieri/Kokatha sculpture artist Dawn Likouresis, Adnyamathanha/Narungga/Yarluyandi ceramic artist Iteka  Sanderson-Bromley, and Gudjula/Girramay textile artist Kat Bell. Such an incredible variety of artistic styles and materials are featured, combining traditional and modern materials (Adelaide Festival Centre, 2021). 

‘Old Man’ by Fah-Fah Walsh. Courtesy of OUR MOB Store, 2021.

The solo exhibition for Sonya Rankine has been an incredible opportunity to further share her beautiful creations and continue growing her weaving business Lakun Mara (meaning ‘weaving hand’). The exhibition includes a unique range of pieces showing off a beautiful diversity of different techniques and materials (NIT, 2021). Rankine told NIT (2021) that the exhibition has been an exciting opportunity for her to merge together both traditional and contemporary styles of weaving. Ngarrindjeri Elder Aunty Ellen Trevorrow, a world-renowned artist and cultural weaver, taught Rankine the practice of weaving (NIT, 2021). In an interview with NIT, Rankine recalls the day she met Aunty Ellen Trevorrow (2021): 

“About 25 years ago at a community event, Aunty Ellen Trevorrow was doing a workshop, so I sat down with her and did my first piece which I still have.”

Abalone birra burlayi - Lakun Mara 38 by Sonya Rankine. Courtesy of OUR MOB Store, 2021.

Since 2006, Adelaide Festival Centre’s OUR MOB showcase has been providing Indigenous South Australian contemporary artists with a platform to share their stories, ideas and art with audiences. The annual exhibition showcases a diversity of works by artists from urban, regional and remote communities. OUR MOB is a beautiful collaborative event, celebrated for its inclusivity of all artists (Glam Adelaide, 2021). If you live nearby, we encourage you to go and experience the exhibition in person. However, if you live further afield you can also take a look at the artworks via the OUR MOB online gallery