NITV Reality Show Family Rules Returns for a Third Season

In July NITVs Family Rules made a comeback for a third season. The show spotlights the everyday life of a modern Indigenous family. Family Rules represents strong Indigenous women and gives insight into what it means to be Indigenous in contemporary Australia.
"We are immensely proud to be home to a show that depicts such strong and powerful Aboriginal women on screen.” - NITVs channel manager Tanya Orman

Image by Sabine Adbers and sourced form NITV

In 2017 when the show was first launched, some Yarn’s apparel featured in the show's promotional shoot. This included our “Leaders Fashion Leggings” and “Mothers Country Shawl” which were a part of their shoot that highlighted a range of beautiful Indigenous brands. We are proud to continue to be a part of the promotion of this amazing show, a show that dispels many of the negative stereotypes that have sadly developed around First Nations people. 

Family Rules follows Daniella Borg, a Noongar woman and her 9 daughters. It shows the challenges and triumphs of these young women living in Perth. Unlike many current reality TV shows which set out to shock, Family Rules has a true realness to it. It is an observational documentary that reveals some of the intimate moments of life that we can all relate to.

“I hope people can laugh with us and relate to us, or some of us – because we’re all different, and all the girls have different personalities...And some might relate to me.” - Daniella Borg

It is wonderful to see Australian media diversifying and putting forth positive Indigenous roles models. Family Rules showcases strong women and an intimate family culture that future generations can look up to.

We highly recommend everyone checks out this refreshing and eye opening show, you can catch up with all 3 seasons of Family Rules on SBS on Demand.