Introducing YouPay

We’re excited to introduce you to a brand new payment method that we’ve added to the Yarn website: YouPay. YouPay was born out of the need to create a new option to the likes of the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ applications out there. Rather than encouraging people to pay for their items in four parts, and potentially accruing late fees, YouPay is aimed at empowering shoppers to send secure private payment links to friends and family to purchase the items for them. This type of payment is perfect for purchasing gifts for your loved ones and company purchases that require invoices.

Image courtesy of YouPay, 2022.

It’s super simple to use, YouPay provides shoppers with a way to send encrypted private payment links to friends and family. Simply head to the Yarn website, add the items you want to your cart, and then send your filled cart directly to a friend or family member who adds their payment details.

Image courtesy of YouPay, 2022.

This simple payment function is useful in a whole myriad of situations. Sometimes it’s tricky to buy the right gift for the ones we care about. Through YouPay, you can choose a gift that they love! Remember all the times a friend or family member has bought you a gift in the wrong size? Well now, everybody can save time and avoid returns or exchanges as you’re able to select the correct sizing of the desired product. 

YouPay is also useful for workplaces needing to place a bulk order with us. Simply, add the products needed to your cart, create a YouPay link containing your cart details and then share the link to whomever is sending the payment through. This application helps workers save time waiting on approvals from their superiors to purchase items, as they can just send the link through and their superior can sort it out from there.

Through YouPay, both the shopper and payer are notified about the order, and no private details are shared. It is the perfect way to spread love through multiplayer shopping.

Next time you make a purchase from Yarn, look out for the YouPay option at the checkout. You can find out more about YouPay here