Introducing Skincare Brand, Juddarnje

You may have already spied Yarn's new partner skincare brand, Juddarnje. They offer a range of natural skincare products that incorporate beautiful native botanicals. Today we hear from owner and founder Linda Slockee about Juddarnje’s beginnings and ongoing mission.

When was Juddarnje first launched?

“Approximately 2007, we started our journey with experimenting and developing recipes - firstly for soaps only and later creams and lotions. Our proper launch began in about 2012 with an online shop, markets and distributors.”

Why did you begin Juddarnje?

“As founder and product developer I have always loved and bought handmade soaps and natural products when I came across them on holidays or at markets - their feel and fragrance was always so smooth and subtle as opposed to synthetic ingredients which often irritated my skin or the fragrance caused headaches or agitated my being. Friends and family encouraged me to develop products for the public as they loved the skincare products I gave them as gifts and ways of saying ‘thankyou’.”

What is Juddarnje’s mission?

“‘Keep it natural.’ Don’t compromise for cost or effort.”

Tell us more about Juddarnje’s use of bush medicine and connection to Indigenous knowledge and culture.

“We recognise the benefits of using bush medicine. First Australians survived and thrived by living with their environment and using its bounty. We have incorporated some of their bush tucker knowledge into our products.
To mention just a few - we use the Native Bush Honey for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties in our creams and lotions. Vitamin C found in Bush Lime or Lillypilly berries boosts collagen production, helps stop sagging skin and sloughs off dead skin cells. Red, pink, green and white clays are used for their mineral content and soothing, rejuvenating or drawing effect on the skin. First Australians used clays in ceremonies but it also helped protect the skin from the harshness of the hot Australian Sun.

In talking with Indigenous people over the years I find they are happy to pass on methods or treatments handed down through generations. But they still can still be reticent to share too much and they keep many things within their own community.”

What are some of your favorite native botanicals to use in Juddarnje products?

“Lillypilly juice, Native bush honey, Australian clays, Lemon Myrtle tea and essential oil. Wattle nectar, Native Finger Lime and Mullumbimby (Davidsons) plum purees and Native Mint tea.”

Is Juddarnje excited to be a part of the Yarn Platform?

“Definitely excited to be broadening exposure of authentic Indigenous 100% Australian handmade and owned products. ‘Country’ has such a wealth of resources - sourced, used and valued for aeons by First Nations people. We want the broader public to feel and benefit in the same way about what Australia has to offer.”

What are your future plans for the brand?

“To keep providing good quality, all natural and affordable skincare. As a family owned and operated business we want to remain ‘hands on’ and authentic, not compromise just to sell products but to create more awareness through various platforms of how good natural skincare feels when we choose to use it.”

You can check out Juddarnje’s gorgeous range of products here.