International Human Solidarity Day

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International Human Solidarity Day is a day centred around the protection of people and planet, promoting solidarity as a way of building global cooperation. It is a day to celebrate unity and diversity, a time to remind governments of their commitments to international agreements and encourage new initiatives for poverty eradication. An important reminder of what matters most: the health and safety of all peoples and our precious planet.

This important day promotes the Sustainable Development Agenda which was created by the United Nations (UN) as a universal call for action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. The 15 year plan includes 17 goals that include people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. Working together on a global scale to create equality. This incredible, ambitious agenda continues, at the SDG summit in 2019 world leaders announced this Decade of Action pledging to mobilize financing, enhance national implementation and strengthen institutions to achieve the goals by the target date of 2030, leaving no one behind (United Nations, 2020).

The UN identifies solidarity as one of the fundamental values in international relations of the 21st Century wherein those who:

“those, who either suffer or benefit least deserve help from those who benefit most” - UN 

Solidarity is the cooperation of everyone on a global scale for the good of all. Cooperation in solving problems of economic, social, cultural and humanitarian significance.

The principle of solidarity is something we strongly support. We believe in equality through supporting communities and celebrating diversity we too carry out this mission. We also strongly support the protection of our beautiful environment. Caring for the country is an important part Indigenous culture, connection to and care for land are closely intertwined. Indigenous peoples' sustainable management of country is something the whole world can learn from. Today let's celebrate our diversity and continue moving forward in solidarity.