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Yarn x Amanda Hinkelmann


JULY 26, 2023

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Yarn x Amanda Hinkelmann present Connection, Country and Experience.

Our latest range of homewares features demure yet sparkling designs inspired by natural landscapes from Wiradjuri artist Amanda Hinkelmann. Available in gorgeous bedding and bamboo fibre homewares, this range celebrates the beauty of our world with natural fibres, soft colours and elegant details. 

Collaborating artist Amanda Hinkelmann is a Wiradjuri woman born and living in Wagga Wagga. Her art name is Because of my Four, which is inspired by her four chilren, who she raises on Wiradjuri Country, passing down traditional knowledge and a connection to culture and Country

For Amanda, creating art is a spiritual practice, an essential part of her being. We sat down to talk about her inspirations, how she tells stories through her art, and what it means for her to live a creative life. 

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What are your inspirations for painting?

I have three main themes that inspire my work: Connection, Country and Experience.

Connection: Those closest to me who I learn from and grow with.

Country: The Country I live on and all that Mother Earth provides.

Experience: My life's experiences and the journey I take on earth.

Can you talk us through some of your colour choices?

I use a subtle palette within most of my works as these colours represent who I am and my experiences. I use colour to help with the story-telling of my work, sometimes using bold earthy colours for themes such as bushfire or water, however most of the time my work is soft and feminine.

What materials do you work with?

I paint with both flow acrylics and impasto. I use the paints for different purposes depending on what I am trying to achieve within the artwork and the message I am aiming to bring forward.

Tell us about your use of texture paste!

I began using texture within my artworks as I was painting a collection of works which represented Mother Earth and I wanted to add a textural element that could help with this. I also used river sand and charcoal within this collection. I now use it within all of my pieces as I support the layers above to embody an organic look and feel, which is largely how I represent my connection to the land.

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What’s the background of your name ‘Because of my Four’?

I paint under this moniker as my four children often guide my decisions in life. A lot of what I do is for them. They make me so happy and I dedicate my life to raising the best humans they can possibly be. I paint because of them.

How did you learn to paint?

I am largely self taught. I have spent many hours working on my craft, listening to stories and refining my story work on canvas. I have always been a creative person and I feel I have an intuitive nature when it comes to art and creating. Within my art, the symbols I use are both traditional symbols, as well as my own.

What does painting mean for you personally?

Painting began as a therapy for me and a way I could relax. It helped me to become a stronger person and to really understand who I am. It is a form of expression, a language of imagery and a voice I can use without speaking. It's an expression of my culture. I am able to connect to land and spirit, to people and to tradition. If it wasn't for my culture I don't think I would have started or continued painting.

How did you feel seeing all of your works come to life on the pieces?

I was very excited. The products are really beautiful and I love that so many of them are made on-shore. They are great quality and respect my work beautifully. I was planning from the minute I saw them all the people I could give them to!

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