Boobie Sista: Yarn Raise x NBCF x Zowie Baumgart


‘Boobie Sista’ in partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation + Zowie Baumgart


JULY 19, 2023

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Yarn is proud to partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and Kombumerri and Butchulla artist Zowie Baumgart to release a limited-edition collection in support of breast cancer research. We are donating $2 from every product sold in this collection to NBCF to support their vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

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Each piece features Zowie’s artwork ‘Boobie Sista’ which was inspired by her best friend Kelly’s experience with breast cancer. It features a captivating blend of contemporary pink colours (that echo NBCF’s signature Pink Ribbon) with Indigenous painting techniques. Zowie's work represents the combined narratives of her parents' clans, the Kombumerri of South Stradbroke Island and the Butchulla people of Maryborough and K'Gari. She bridges the gap between traditional Indigenous art and contemporary styles using a wide range of artistic mediums. 

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Artwork Story

The name ‘Boobie Sista’ captures the sisterhood of female friendships and support networks. The piece was inspired by Zowie’s best friend, Kelly, who was diagnosed 4 years ago (Zowie and Kelly pictured above). Through the symbols and colours, this artwork tells the story of how a community rallies to provide support when one of their sisters is going through a difficult time.

They came up with the artwork together to capture their experience, the strength of sisterly bonds that help us through dark times. And they knew that their story was one shared by millions of women around Australia and the world. On the design, Zowie said ‘The circle represents the meeting space for all women battling this illness. The rainbow shapes around the circle represent the women and all the people that helped them through this rough time. Women supporting women in a very special way.’

Kelly was only 38 when she discovered a lump on her breast that led to a diagnosis. Her first concern was for her young daughter, and how this might be difficult for her. When Kelly started to lose her hair from the treatment, Zowie declared that she was going to shave her head too. Kelly refused, but Zowie insisted. With two of them hairless together, Kelly’s daughter wouldn’t be as scared, as confused. It was no longer ‘mum doesn’t have hair anymore’; it became ‘mum and her friend have shaved their heads’. They were in this together, a team. Zowie’s incredible gesture helped make things easier for Kelly’s daughter, which made things easier for Kelly. It transformed a dark time into a memorable experience. It didn’t make it easy, but it shared the load a bit.

Through the support of her friends and family Kelly was lucky enough to make a full recovery. She is passionate about sharing her story in the hopes it will raise breast cancer awareness and encourage others to prioritise their health. Zowie, Kelly, their children, and Kelly’s closest supporters can be seen in the photoshoot and video for the ‘Boobie Sista’ campaign. It’s their story, and they were proud to tell it.

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Our Partner: NBCF

NBCF is Australia's leading not-for-profit organisation funding world-class breast cancer research towards their vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

Breast Cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. In 2023, over 20,000 Australians will be diagnosed with breast cancer (including around 200 men). Nearly a quarter of a million people are currently living with a diagnosis of breast cancer in Australia. This year, it is expected that 9 Australians will die from breast cancer each day.

Since their inception in 1994, NBCF has invested over $200M into more than 600 world-class research projects across Australia. In this time, death rates from breast cancer in Australia have improved by 43%. They’ve seen remarkable results, but the job's not done.

Early detection and intervention provide the best chance of successful treatment. Self examination and regular breast screening (for women over the age of 40) are key ways to improve chances of early detection. Being aware of how breasts normally look and feel can help with noticing any changes that may require further examination.

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This collection is released under the Yarn Raise program, which partners with non-profit organisations to raise funding and awareness for their excellent work. Each sale also pays royalties to the artist.

Support NBCF through our ‘Boobie Sista’ collection today. $2 from each product sale goes directly to NCBF to fund world-class breast cancer research. 

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