A Yarn With Nicole from Sacred Skin Co.

Introducing the latest addition to Yarn Marketplace, Sacred Skin Co. This unique skin care brand is 100% First Nations owned by Mbabaram, Ndjan, Yidinji and KuKu Thypan woman, Nicole Skerman. Her skin care range incorporates native Australian plants and natural ingredients. By creating these products, Nicole aims to take people on a journey through her Country.

In this interview, we had the privilege of learning more about Nicole, and the incredible range of products she has created.

Skin care Sacred Skin Co products. Courtesy of Yarn, 2022.

Nicole Skerman has gone through many life and career changes before launching Sacred Skin Co in 2021. Nicole told us a bit about her early life and what led her to establishing this unique skin care brand:

“I’m only 36 but I’ve been through a massive life journey. I left school at the age of 16… [and] went straight into the workforce and became an apprentice hairdresser. Before finishing my apprenticeship, I decided it wasn’t for me, so I…[went] into mining.” 

After many years of working as an exploration driller, she left mining because of the constant instability that the many downturns brought. She then decided to establish her own hair and beauty studio in Cardwell, Queensland, and has since built up a steady clientele.

“During the start of covid I was using another Australian product, which I absolutely loved, however it included imported ingredients and a lot of stock wasn’t produced. So, I decided why am I paying for someone else’s dream when I wanted something that reflected me? I went through the process of how to start up a skincare range, what needs to go in it, and source out the manufacturer,” Nicole said, excitedly explaining her career journey.

Nicole now uses all of her own products in her studio.

 “All of my facial treatments and body treatments use Sacred Skin Co.” 

Cleanser Sacred Skin Co’s Milk Thistle & Jasmine Cleanser, and Pomegranate & Lemon Myrtle Renewal Cream. Courtesy of Yarn, 2022.

Through Sacred Skin Co, Nicole’s initial aim was to create products for women that live in places with high humidity such as Far North QLD, the NT and parts of WA. 

“There are a lot of great skincare ranges out there, but none of them really absorb into your skin,” Nicole emphasised about the disadvantages of living in a humid climate.

Nicole's range has now been broadened so that it caters for all skin types and climates. 

Some of Sacred Skin Co’s products feature the beautiful natural ingredients of Jacaranda, Orange and Pink Lotus. These particular ingredients are nostalgic for Nicole as they remind her of her childhood where she grew up in the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland.

“Jacaranda is all over the Tablelands, so in the Spring I remember walking home from school [and smelling] all of those purple flowers that blanketed the road,” Nicole reminisced. 

The Pink Lotus flower is an ingredient that Nicole finds particularly nostalgic as the rivers - in which her family camped on Kookotipan Country in the Laura area - were covered in gorgeous pink lotus flowers!

Pink Lotus Flower Pink Lotus Flower. Courtesy of Pexels, 2022.

To finish off, we asked Nicole where she sees Sacred Skin Co going from here.

“I originally thought I was content just to be a boutique brand. But then, over time my clients kept saying, “Niki, this is the best [skincare] I’ve ever had, my skin is amazing! What are you going to do next?”

So, what I would like to do [next] is: give a bit more awareness [surrounding] Indigenous skin ranges.

…I would [also] like to see my products overseas one day.

Nicole proudly added, “Yarn is my 6th stockist!”

Nicole’s gorgeous range of Sacred Skin Co’s products are now available on Yarn.

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